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  1. exitwounds8o8

    exitwounds8o8 Member

    Couple questions about the sd card for the s5.

    Have a 64gb SanDisk card and I'm running into some interesting situations perhaps someone could help.

    After downloading a movie or TV show for example I try to move the files from my device to the sd card. However more often then not I find that once i move the containing folder the files either don't transfer in full or the file simply stops working.

    Trying to get things to download directly to the SD card as I'm sure you guys know. There really isn't a lot of space for memory on the device itself. However I can't find any settings in apps or on phone that'll allow me to do so.

    Anyone run into this issue or something similar? Know s work around by any chance?

  2. Andre12dbsi

    Andre12dbsi Active Member

    I also have an S5 with a 64Gb SD card. When I transfer files I go into MyFiles and then open local storage. Browse to where the files you want to move are and touch the 3 dots at the top right. It will give you the option to select. Select the file you want to move. Touch the 3 buttons on the top right and you should see an option to move the file to where ever you want including the SD card. This is what I've done and it worked as expected.
  3. exitwounds8o8

    exitwounds8o8 Member

    Yeah I've done that. And run into data loss issues here and tgere. Doesn't always happen. But a pain in either sense.
  4. tavarich

    tavarich New Member

    I had problems with apps going away. The phone was constantly crashing. I was really starting to hate my s5. I got rid of the 64 and went with a 32 gig and all my problems have disappeared.
  5. Grumpy Cat

    Grumpy Cat Member

    I need to get an s5! Great thread.
  6. lowkey69

    lowkey69 New Member

    Just so you all know, I have read tons of forums where people with SANDISK sd cards have issues with samsung phones (all the way back to the S2 and up to the S5). I myself have always used Kingston cards and never had one issue. I went with a friend to bestbuy and he bought a brand new 32GB SANDISK card for his S5. Nothing but problems. Card would unmount for no reason. Files would go missing. Then he went and got a 32GB kingston card and every problem went away. Be careful with SANDISK and Samsung. They dont play well together.
  7. bIOforger

    bIOforger Well-Known Member

    Yep good points, you get what you pay for and sandisk ones are cheap for a reason.

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