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Support SD Card Related

  1. youknowthat

    youknowthat New Member

    in my mobile Huawei u8150 ideos one problem i.e when i am using camera display a msg "plz insert the SD card", one more is at the time of sd card analyser no "second partition is not found" and one more is when i am usign the Link2SD If you have root access make sure you respond allow to superuser prompt" plz co-oprate me.

  2. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Hi, I only get that message if I haven't got the Micro SD card in the phone!!!
    Have you got a Micro SD card? You cannot take photos without the Micro SD card installed in the phone.
    If you activate the Camera Icon, whatever is within the front of the lens will show on the screen - but you can't use the camera without the card.
    Just to clarify, your SIM card or provider card doesn't activate the phone.
    If you have a Micro SD card - make sure it is inserted correctly.

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