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SD Card Removed Unexpectedly - SOLVEDTips

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  1. Bichey

    Bichey Member

    Those who are facing SD Card Removed Unexpectedly, just update your Android firmware.

    Previously i was receiving this error. Then I updated it to DDLA3 version. Now my phone is fine without any problems. Heavily multitasked, played games, did internet but found no problem since the day i updated it (Almost 8 days)

    Simply I updated it through my phone and my GPRS connection. Update file size is 0.5 MB to 11 MB. No KIES required. But if you update it through KIES then the size will be around 200 MB and is not reliable.

    You have to update the firmware one by one. For example if your current software version is DDKJ1->update it->will become DDLA1->update it->will become DDLA2 etc and so on. After each update your phone will be rebooted.

    That's it !

  2. Psalm23UK

    Psalm23UK Member

    Hi, I was on 2.3.5 and did an upgrade to 2.3.6 xxla2
    Since then phone keeps freezing when trying to unlock and come up with 'sd card removed unexpectedly' error. If i follow your solution I just get 'No update available'
    how can i solve this? any help appreciated.

    Samsung galaxy Y gt-s5360 2.3.6
    baseband s5360xxla2
    kernel version
    Unrooted on Vodaphone uk (phone unlocked to all networks)
  3. ankhatri

    ankhatri New Member

    My Galaxy Y came with 2.3.6. I observed the SD Card removed unexpectedly problem for some days then, later I updated regularly using software update in About phone. I got rid of the bug and till ddla1 update there was no problem, and now I have updated to ddla2, the same bug has cropped up again. There is no further update to install and I am facing the SD Card removed problem frequently. I request Samsung and Android to resolve this issue immediately by releasing an update. Thank you..
  4. imtiazshah

    imtiazshah New Member

    I am facing same problem and no software update :(.
  5. SkySailing95

    SkySailing95 New Member

    This usually happens on my Galaxy Y Young 2.3.6 whenever I unlock it. And it usually restarts without my presence. I just hope there's an update to fix all these.
  6. Psalm23UK

    Psalm23UK Member

    Just incase anyone stubbles on this, i solved this by using Odin and reverting back to an older firmware 2.3.5 version. Its worked fine for months now.

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