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"SD card removed unexpectedly"Support

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  1. somdev

    somdev New Member

    I got a Samsung Galaxy y pro duos... its showing "SD card removed unexpectedly"...i formatted my sd card in fat32. but still getting the same message...took it service center the installed the software again and still i am getting the same message...
    Any solution plz?????????????????????????

  2. Hamza Romeo

    Hamza Romeo New Member

    I've recently recovered from this error.. You just need to upgrade your firmware.. REMEMBER , formatting the sd card will never solve the problem.. It's not your sd card responsible for the error, but it's merely the firmware which is buggy !
  3. mikem123

    mikem123 New Member

    Can you let us know how you checked the firmware version that is in the phone.
    Also which version was causing the problem and what version fixed the problem.
    I just want to check which version I have to be proactive to see if I might run into this problem.

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