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  1. Droidboi1007

    Droidboi1007 New Member

    Is it true you CANT install apps to external sd card on LG optimus M+?

  2. tvis

    tvis Member

    i just bought this phone, and when i inserted the SD card and booted, about 80% of the apps automatically moved to SD.
  3. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder Well-Known Member

    You sure about that? The phone has "internal memory" which is not the sd card, that is where it moves apps that are capable of being moved. The sd card is used for media only, you can't move apps to it.
  4. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    Fox is correct. The sd card is just internal memory. The sd card that you put into the phone is labeled as external sd.
  5. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder Well-Known Member

    Also I believe this is the case with most if not all phones with larger internal storage. Lower-end phones like the old OM which have only 150-200MB internal memory can use the SD card for apps as well as media, but those like the OM+ with 1-2GB or more have partitioned memory with some reserved for movable apps.
    It's possible there is a way to change this so the SD card can be used, if so I'm sure it requires rooting. I haven't looked into it.
  6. Uriel95

    Uriel95 Member

    Okay I'm still not understanding this but I downloaded a game "shadowgun" and when I go to manage applications it says move to SD so isn't that game in the SD card?
  7. MapleBacon

    MapleBacon Active Member

    There are 3 storage locations: phone memory, sd card(internal sd card), and external sd(the one you place in the phone). When moving apps, you can move to the phone memory or internal sd card. You can't move to the external sd. It may be possible to switch the mount points somehow to have mnt/sdcard be the user-installed sd card and _externalSD be the internal sd card.
  8. MapleBacon

    MapleBacon Active Member

    No, the game isn't on the external SD card YOU put in the phone. Also, when you move the game, it doesn't move the downloaded game data. That stays in mnt/sdcard/android/data/com.madfingergames.shadowgun (something like that). Android's app manager doesn't handle any extra downloaded game data.
  9. jrander9343

    jrander9343 Member

    clean master allows you to move some apps to ur external sd as well as internal sd. it uses internal sd and internal memory as one internal memory.

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