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  1. gloriousnumber1

    gloriousnumber1 Well-Known Member

    I have used the same 16 GB Micro SD card that I got with my original Droid 3 years ago. A few months ago when I had my RAZR Maxx, I bought a 32 GB class 10 Micro SD card at Costco for $30. I figured it would work great. Then it caused errors and made my phone freeze up. I took it back and got a refund. Factory reset didn't even help. Problem was gone. With the larger pictures this phone takes, I want to get another 32GB card. How can I be sure this won't happen again?

  2. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    Your best bet is to buy a good quality class 10 micro SD card. I am about to buy one and my research has not found any problems with the Samsung class 10 64GB card so this is the one I intend to buy.

    I had always thought SanDisk were good quality but there have been some duff batches of 32GB and 64GB cards causing users a lot of grief. SanDisk has owned up to this so I suggest you steer clear of these for the time being.
  3. Sierra255

    Sierra255 Well-Known Member

    Just bought a Samsung Class 10 64 GB card and haven't had any problems. I got it from amazon for around $50.
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