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SD card shows up as CD drive on PC after ROOTSupport

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  1. Rezard

    Rezard Well-Known Member

    Title says it all.

    I did a ROOT on my Proclaim with Odin,
    and now my SD cards show up as CD drives.
    I've been searching for solutions, and nothing has worked.

    Any ideas...?

  2. hc803

    hc803 Member

    more than likely, it just needs to be reformatted again.
    i had the same issue with a usb drive the other day.
    how are you liking your phone otherwise? i'm waiting on ST to restock.
  3. Rezard

    Rezard Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the response. :)

    I'm not sure if that would actually do it.
    I tried another card, and it does the same thing.
    (I'd rather not have to format the 32GB and have to transfer all that again. lol)

    I suppose I could try formating the other one (4GB).
    If it works, then I'll just have to do the 32GB, too. :)

    First of all--
    I'm still very new to smart phones.
    This would be the first I've even owned,
    aside from the faulty Precedent I bought first,
    and a bit of toying with my brother's Mesmerize...

    I do really like this phone.
    Plenty fast, not too small or big--
    I only wish I actually got service where the ST CS assured me I would... (whole 'nother story)

    BTW - Does this phone connect with Verizon's towers...?
    I keep seeing talk of it online, but ST CS said it uses Sprint's towers...
  4. hc803

    hc803 Member

    The ST rep i chatted w/ online said it was on verizon, and the phone had the Verizon "nation's most dependable network" slogan under it. this is the main reason i'm switching once the phone is in stock.
  5. Rezard

    Rezard Well-Known Member

    They told you Verizon, huh...?

    That makes me about as unhappy as can be at Straight Talk.
    They told me, based on my zip code,
    that only their Android phones would work in that area,
    because they use Sprint's towers.

    I went ahead and spent the big bucks on a $180 phone (this relative to a poor man),
    and now I have no service in that zip code.
    Now they claim no agreement with that specific tower...
    Also-- their map on their site showed coverage in that area.

    Maybe you should think twice if you're making a decision solely on what the unreliable ST reps say...

    (BTW - They still lie about it to this day. Call them and ask how to get their service in the 53910 zip code. You'll see...)

    I tried formating the card, but it's still a CD drive...
  6. hc803

    hc803 Member

    Strange, you'd think the phone would be programmed for one or the other... I'll have to double-check before I buy. I've seen online that bc the phone can technically come from Walmart, some people have been able to take theirs back there. Of course that means you have to go to a Walmart...
  7. Rezard

    Rezard Well-Known Member

    Phone could've gone back within 15 days,
    but a 3 month service card is "non-refundable"... :(

    Fortunately for me,
    I'll be moving from where it doesn't work fairly soon,
    but it still rather upsetting...

    The phone itself is nice, though.
    The battery doesn't quite last like you'd hope,
    and certainly won't "stand-by for 16 days" (lol),
    but that's just the way the things work, I hear.
    Keeping the devices off when not in use really helps. :)

    Just tried doing the factory reset,
    and it's still not working... :(

    It seems rooting with Odin can potentially ruin this aspect of a phone...?
  8. PoorBoy52760

    PoorBoy52760 Well-Known Member

    Too make it clear the Phone is on Verizon not sprint, we are working on getting roms out for it at androidarea51.com, and so far the root method via odin does mess up something in the sdcard section, i found this out the hard way, rooting my phone with the root that acs came up with, there is now a new rooted kernel for it available on the site above built completely off the stock kernel not an illusion kernel... we think this is what cause the problem as the illusion is close but the mounting points are a little bit different as it has 2 gigs of internal storage compaired to the 1 gig that Proclaim has.
  9. MegaGamerGuy

    MegaGamerGuy New Member

    I found a quick fix!

    go into the adb shell and type:

    echo /dev/block/vold/179:9 > /sys/devices/platform/usb_mass_storage/lun1/file

    This mounts iso files!
    echo /etc/autorun.iso > /sys/devices/platform/usb_mass_storage/lun0/file

    Another update:
    edit /etc/vold.fstab
    change lun0 to lun1.
    save vold.fstab.
    connect as usb mass storage device.

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