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  1. mistermsk

    mistermsk Active Member

    Hi All,

    Got an intersting issue with a few SD cards. I bought a couple 32 Gig cards. When I use them, I notice it keeps saying I have ~2 Gig used and about 29 Gigs free. I put Music on there (legitimately) and it still shows that. Then I notice some of my folders disappear to get everything back down to 2 gigs. It is like you put more on it then something later starts capping it down to 2 gigs. I went as far as to put 15 gig of information on a SD card. No problems with the SD card reader. used it on and off, no problems. When I stuck it in my Phone. I started noticing the following day most everything I had under MUSIC and other folders were gone. Some sub-folder stayed but most were wipped. What the ...?

  2. Lilg37

    Lilg37 Well-Known Member

    It would be the phone not supporting the card or just not able to read such memory, cricket has the most junk androids so what u have working on ur phone is a blessing and yada yada
    But take it to ur local store and show them the phone, make sure its unrooted so u don't get flagged on ur warranty, but all I. All its a manufacturer malfunction and may be an easy fix or a hardware issue. Not sure but hope I gave u a clue in what to do, if not atleast I gave u something to read for 2 minutes lol good luck
  3. mistermsk

    mistermsk Active Member

    Just an update that is stranger then strange.

    1) If I just take video with the phone or a hell of a lot of pictures, they save fine no problem.

    2) If I connect it to my computer (either by taking the card out and putting it in a usb adapter or by hooking my phone up directly to the PC) I get massive card errors when copying it to it and then looking at it.

    Doesn't make any sense. So, I'll just go buy a 16 Gb and be done with it.

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