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  1. Random Kiwi

    Random Kiwi Member

    What's the go here, I've had a 32Gb Sandisk SD card for months and months, using it for photos, apps, music storage...all of a sudden this morning it's "failing to mount"...I've turned phone off, back on, everything was fine for about an hour, bang, "SD Card failed to mount" and if I click to notification, it wants for FORMAT the card...which one would assume will wipe all my photos and stuff.

    Any clues on a fix on this which doesn't involve losing all my photos of my recent trip to New York?!?!?


  2. aceowner

    aceowner New Member

    Same here, on a SGS2. Lucky for me, my laptop still recognize the card and I've manage to save all content, but the card no longer works on smartphone (even after a format done on laptop).
  3. Random Kiwi

    Random Kiwi Member

    Hmmm...just checked, and I had previously copied the holiday photos off it, thank god! So it's just added music...even the laptop doesn't seem to recognise it, E: appears as an option, click on it and it says "insert USB drive"

    Phone now says the SD card is blank, boo, looks like is' just crapped out...only haad it 2 months! Less than impressed! :|
  4. wendolene26

    wendolene26 Member

    I've had a similar issue just this weekend. SD card that I had in my HTC and moved it to my Samsung Galaxy S2. Had the S2 about a week and then the phone reports "blank or incorrect format SD Card". This has coincided with me using a non standard Samsung extra capacity battery in my phone so I assumed that was the culprit. My laptop doesn't even think there's an SD card when I try to get the data from it.

    Now it seems not only am I going to have to backup the data on my phone (of which there is normally minimal) but also the data on the SD card.
  5. Random Kiwi

    Random Kiwi Member

    Deft seems like my SD card just up and died...PC doesn't recognise it, phone says it's blank/unsupported and I need to format it, so I go into the menu's to do that, it goes "preparing card...card is blank/unsupported, please format" looping the ****ing loop around and around

    DUMB! Probably wasn't ever a Sandisk one, but some cheap knock off like happens on eBay...guess I'll look into an actual Samsung one and hope for more reliability

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