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  1. ghos1

    ghos1 New Member

    i recently bought a android Prism it came with a pq1 2GB sd card i put some music and apps on it and it works just fine. a couple days later i got a Sandisk 16 GB sd card and whenever it mounts it says unavailable space. ive turned the phone off and on ive unmounted it and remounted it and still nothing works to make sure it wasnt the phone i put the 2 Gb back in and it works fine. What should i do?

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  2. MessalineApgha

    MessalineApgha New Member

    I'm running a SanDisk Class-10 32gb in my Prism with no problems. Formatted the 32gb on PC in F32 and then put the original card into an SD reader, and copied everything over to the 32gb card before putting the 32gb into the phone.
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