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  1. koffein77

    koffein77 New Member

    I receantly bought an ideos x5 but when i put in a external sd card sandisk micro sd 2gb. The internal sd card stops working and i cant launch apps that are installed on it and the appz icons dissaper from the phone.. Something wrong with my phone or sd card ?

  2. koffein77

    koffein77 New Member

    It seems like i cant run apps from internal sd card, but still play music etc from it when i have external sd in phone
  3. KiljoyMcCoy

    KiljoyMcCoy Member

    its how android mounts external media
    best to look up android file structure basics to understand how it works.
    works more like linux than windows
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  4. koffein77

    koffein77 New Member

    Thx for the anwser. Solved it by putting my Musik on the internal sd card and my apps on the external. Now works gr8t :)
  5. uraki

    uraki New Member

    Can you please elaborate on how you solved this problem... i am having the same issue, internal memory not visible and only memory card is showing


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