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  1. nuworldblue

    nuworldblue New Member

    I got my HTC incredible 2 days ago. When I first got it it had no sd card, so i went back to the store and the guy gave me one. But even after putting the sd card in the device the device still doesnt recognize it. When I go to the settings and click on sd card and phone storage under sd card it says, total space: unavailable, available space: unavailable. this is a major problem cause now i cant download files or use several applications or features.

    ive tried taking it out and putting it back in, restarting the phone, and formatting the sd card to no avail. i'm no tech expert, but pretty tech savvy. This problem, though, has me pulling my hair out.

    it seems like a lot of ppl have been having the same problem, but no one has any answer that seems to be working. im going to the store tomorrow to see if its a problem with the sd card, but wanted to check if it was a problem with the phone or if anyone else has had the same problem.

  2. jwm2

    jwm2 Well-Known Member

    Make sure the card is unmounted, or the phone won't see it. Plug a usb cord between it and your pc. A box should popup on the phones screen asking you to charge only, htc sync, etc. Choose the 3rd option. Once you do that if autorun is enabled on your pc it will popup a box asking what you want to do. Choose the option that lets you view the folders/files etc and see if anything is on the sd card. If there is nothing on there unplug the usb cable from the phone it should read "preparing sd storage" at the top of the screen in the notification bar on your phone. If it does not do this then it could be a bad memory card. Take the phone back to the verizon store and ask them to test it out and try a different sd memory card. From there you should be able to figure out if its the card they gave you or the phone itself. They will also be able to check the settings to make sure its mounting and unmounting correctly. Or just skip all of the above and go straight to the verizon store with phone and sd card in hand and tell them it doesn't work. They'll get it figured out.
  3. famouzstarz

    famouzstarz Well-Known Member

    kind of same problem here, everytime i try and access the photos on my mem card it gives me a an error
  4. ICanCin2U

    ICanCin2U Active Member

    might be a bad card. Try and open it up with your computer, if that doesn't work, take it back and exchange it. Test it before you leave the store. Make sure that you restart the phone. I have also had to turn off the phone on the brand new card and insert the card. Then turn it on. It should mount it and recognize it. I didn't even have to format my card.

    good luck :D
  5. avery

    avery New Member

    I've had the same exact issue recently and came across this thread.

    I'm pretty sure it's not a bad SD card because the card works fine in other devices. I had also tried some of the things that other people mentioned such as connecting to a PC and trying access the SD card. I also tried turning the phone off, reinstalling the card and powering the phone back on.

    What finally worked for me was ejecting and re-inserting the SD card while the phone was powered on. Hope this helps somebody else.
  6. famouzstarz

    famouzstarz Well-Known Member

    its a dl09 firmware bug this worked for me about 2mins ago:

    Only mounting problem in XP was the device showing up as a CD-ROM. That was fixed by unplugging phone, setting usb debugging on, turn off phone, plug phone into computer, and turn device back on.
  7. cmlusco

    cmlusco Well-Known Member

    You will need to take the sdcard out and use an adapter to put it in a pc and format it fat32.

    Most apps camera, music, etc already store their pics and music on the sd by default. If you want to change it, check in each apps prefferences to change it to emmc instead.

    Can you connect it to a pc and set the phone to disk drive? This should mount sdcard and emmc to a drive letter on your pc. From there you can add/renove files, and even format the drives.

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