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sd card will not mount to phone.. help?Support

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  1. icon334

    icon334 New Member

    OK so I had this phone for a month now and its been fine until one day it says I need to mount my memory card and I did but it will not recognize it and when I look at the storage data on the SD card it says there's 0 memory on it. But I checked and it still had all the memory on it. I used factory reset and it still didnt work. When I click on an app that uses a SD card it says no external storage available. I need help because this Is bugging me out. :(

  2. oamilcar

    oamilcar Well-Known Member Contributor

    Just erase (format) your sd card , go to settings, then storage, there you will find an option to erase or format your sd card ... after formating your sd card reboot your phone... that may end your problem...
  3. icon334

    icon334 New Member

    It says it is preparing SD card when i mount and 5 seconds later it says SD card is safe to remove
  4. icon334

    icon334 New Member

    It doesn't show an option for formatting just mounting it and internal storage
  5. oamilcar

    oamilcar Well-Known Member Contributor

    Sry I'm not familiar w your phone but I'm pretty sure if you format (erase) your sd card your problem will end ... sry for not being much help
  6. ladlr23

    ladlr23 Active Member

    This happened to me a few days after I got the phone. Unfortunately I couldn't fix it, I tried everything with no success. I finally just had to buy a new SD card, and I've had no problems since.
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  7. animejoe69

    animejoe69 Well-Known Member

    have u tried to format your card on a pc? i use micro SD cards as backup flash drives for my laptop and some times i have to reformat them to get them to work again. if your info is still on the card back it up to a folder on the desktop then format and see if it works in the phone.
  8. johnhabe

    johnhabe New Member

    I had the same problem . I replaced the faulty micro SD card and all is well again
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  9. animejoe69

    animejoe69 Well-Known Member

    any luck with your sd card?
  10. DarkEyedRose

    DarkEyedRose New Member

    I am having the very same problem, I even formatted the SD card on my laptop and it still isn't working....
  11. Rynoh

    Rynoh New Member

    I have a brand new MicroSD card that stopped working after a few days and would mount and unmount on the phone. Formatting it on a computer worked, and then for good measure, I formatted again on the phone. Hope that helps!
  12. rwilcher

    rwilcher Member

    I have had similar problems with sdcards. It looks like over a long period , sdcard contacts get some oxidation on them. Just my take on it. As these devices work at such low voltages, any oxidation causes flakiness. I have been through this quite a few times. Here is what I have done (Your mileage may vary of coarse). Get a qtip and spray it with low residue contact cleaner.

    After removing the sdcard. Clean the gold contacts on the card with the qtip. Also gently wipe the contacts on the sdcard holder in the phone with the qtip. The sdcard holder in the kyocera hydro is quite fragile it does take much force to bend/damage it. Also be aware that these components are static sensitive. A stray spark from static can kill them. Try to avoid static. Well anyway , this is what I have done.
  13. Proto166

    Proto166 New Member

    I'm having similar problems. My sd card works great in my galaxy s4, buy when I format it for the Kyocera hydro it is garbage. I've even tried formatting on a computer, tried a replacement sd card. If this doesn't get fixed some how I'm going to have to trade phones
  14. David Phifer

    David Phifer New Member

    kind of the same problem but worse, fragile micro sd door came off in my hand. This is a second hand phone that is free to me each month to use based on age & being on SSI. Had a 32 gb. micro sd that was working fine gotta have my tunes and what not. After losing access to my micro sd chip (phone showed that there was no micro sd to mount) Then soon after phone felt a little warm. I pulled to battery out. It was after trying 2, 8, & 16 gb. sd's of witch none worked...that was about the time when the door that held the micro sd in place came off in my hand. Now I'm back to a phone that just makes & receives phone calls. Can this kinda thing be fixed?

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