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  1. johnfedele

    johnfedele New Member

    I just got the Visio Tablet. Its really great but I can"t seem to get it to recognize the Micro SD card. Does the card have to be specifically compatible with the Android system?

  2. jamesgb

    jamesgb New Member

    I couldn't get mine to recognize a standard MicroSD card. I think it has to be a Micro SDHC card for it to recognize it. At least that is what worked for me.
  3. Joel Upchurch

    Joel Upchurch New Member

    I put a 2GB microSD in and it worked fine. I upgraded to a 16gb MicroSDHC card and it works fine also. The microsd slot is easy to insert in wrong IMO.
  4. blueshark

    blueshark New Member

    I just installed a 16GB SDHC card into my new Vizio and I don't bellieve it is recognized either. Under one of the menus it shows up but doesn't have any available memory listed. Have you found out anything new?
  5. glsurratt

    glsurratt New Member

    Putting a large SD card in the Vizio Tablet is almost a waste. Vizio's directory structure does not comply with most other devices, and when you "move" an app to the SD card, it does not put it on the card. They have divided the internal memory into "System" and "SD Card". Your external SD card shows up in the directory structure as "SD/External" which is not recognized by most programs. You can store pictures and music on the external card, but you cannot store books from most of the ereader programs on the card.
    I asked Vizio Customer Support about this issue and received the following:
    "Unfortunately the licensing requirements of having some of these services on our tablet prohibits that the applications not be transferable between devices. The software is designed this way to protect any copyrights on the apps and services.
    I am sorry if you were under the impression that this was something that would change, however we do not have any control over protected information that is only available if accessed directly on the Android Tablet itself."
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  6. rnaodm

    rnaodm Member

    Open up Es explorer, you should see a folder called external, open that, that's actually your memory cards home directory

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