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  1. Deemy72

    Deemy72 Active Member

    I have a galaxy s3 and I have a new SD card in it but for some reason it's not reading my SD card.

    The other day I looked at my phone and it said the SD card was removed unexpectedly but it was in the phone I tried taking it out and putting it back and still nothing

    I had this problem with my s2 but after I took it out a few times it would appear but sometimes all my memory on it gets wiped out.

  2. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Does your computer read it with a card reader adapter?
    Did the device ever read it?
    Perhaps a format of the sd card before initial use will resolve your issue?
    I like this program to format cards:
  3. Deemy72

    Deemy72 Active Member

    I tried reading it from my computer and it shows but unfortunately everything got cleared out il try and format it and start all over with the SD card
  4. GTWalling

    GTWalling Well-Known Member

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  5. Deemy72

    Deemy72 Active Member

  6. pingpong2000

    pingpong2000 New Member

    I have a Sandisk Class 4 32gb in my Galaxy Note GT-N7000. Pre-JB 4.1.2 update, everything was ok; the card was preforming flawlessly.

    However, post-JB 4.1.2, I am having the "SD card unexpectedly removed" issue several times a day. In addition, the phone would sometimes automatically reboot itself. Furthermore, the phone will also become totally unresponsive during screen off/lock and I need to press the home/button a few times to wake it up.

    So whose fault is it? Sandisk or Samsung or Google ??
  7. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Hello there pingpong!
    I see you are having issues with your Galaxy Note:(
    I believe the sandisk sd card issue is with the Galaxy S3 device and that is the forum you are in.
    Your issue may be related but perhaps not. I know that when software updates are pushed to the Galaxy S3, it is recommended to do a factory reset to clear out any old data/cache hanging around that could cause issues.
    That may be what you need to do but be aware that a factory reset will wipe all your data and contacts and such. So be sure to backup what you cannot lose.
    Also, you can check out, or post this question in your device forum here:
    Samsung Galaxy Note - Android Forums
    Or I will be happy to move it there for you too:)
  8. pingpong2000

    pingpong2000 New Member


    Thanks for your advice.

    I have friends using S3, N2 and N1. They facing the same issue. This "SD card unexpectedly removed" issue seems to surface only after we updated to JB 4.1.2. So there could be some bugs in the update as Samsung may not have fully refined/polished up the update in its rush to get it to market as soon as possible.

    Just now, I compared my N1 (updated to JB 4.1.2) with a friend's N1 (still on ICS 4.0.4). I found something in My Files:-

    In N1 ICS 4.0.4, the My Files Settings directly show the storage path and the ext sd card directory is: /storage/sdcard/extSD;

    But in N1 JB 4.1.2, the My Files Settings show all the Media directories (Music, Picture, Video, etc) by default. I just changed the Settings to show Home directory and it now shows two file paths as follows:-
    /storage/extSdCard and

    I'm now wondering if this have some impact on the sdcard remove issue....

    I keeping watch on the phone now.....

  9. upper_cliff

    upper_cliff New Member

    Hi there!


    It started on my Galaxy S2, which had just ejected my Kingston 32GB SD Card one day, the card survived until I moved on the Galaxy S3.the same error ..
    The SD Card then was definitely destroyed.I inserted and a new SanDisk 32GB and after a week, the same error .. now after several days on the Galaxy S4 the same problem.

    According to my knowledge, this problem can have several causes. Maybe the SD card is driven by a high voltage on the SD Card slot or the SD Card is simply not robust enough for the hardware. Maybe both playing together and the operating system has problems.

    I've programmed a small app "SD Fix Tool" to prevent this annoying error. Also the mediascanner can enabled and disabled to save battery.

    To prevent the SD card error, there are two services that can be activated and deactivated. However, these functions are only experimental and not prevent all errors!!

    On my Galaxy S3, the SD card was ejected 700 times in 2 days.
    After activation, there was about 80 times.
    The function does not prevent all errors!

    Also, the message comes after the activation screen not as often.

    This app need ROOT access for activation and deactivation
    the media scanner!

    The media scanner scans the internal and external SD card.
    The path to the external SD card is "/ mnt / extSdCard /".
    You can set other paths in settings.

    App tested on galaxys3 and s4
    App in Play Store
    SD Fix Tool

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