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  1. panther2010

    panther2010 Member

    Hi everyone

    My SD were accessible in my pc (win 7, x64) before.

    Then I installed the samsung nps, installed the usb driver mentioned in guides, installed the droid explorer.

    Now my SD cards are not shown in the "My Computer" window. I did Mount them from the notification area.

    Can anyone please help me.

  2. panther2010

    panther2010 Member

    Ok. I got it solved. I exactly dont know what worked but here it is:

    I uninstalled everything I mentioned in the previous post.

    In the Settings -> About Phone -> Additional settings -> Turned on the Mass Storage Only setting

    Now its working.

    Hope this will help someone.
  3. idbelike

    idbelike New Member

    All i did to fix this problem was unmount and format my sd-card. be sure to backup ur data b4 you do.
  4. karnagenezdroi

    karnagenezdroi New Member


    I had tried everything from installing separate drivers to KIES but nothing worked.

    Finally, I found 'panther's' post and unmounted my SD-Card and mounted again w/o formatting and it WORKED !!

    Thanks a ton to you pal.:)


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