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SD issues and duplicate filesSupport

  1. retroenzo

    retroenzo New Member

    Hi there

    New G1 owner and have just upgraded the 2gb memory card to an 8gb. I just converted an AVI file to MP4 format and transferred it across to the G1. Oddly when I then looked in the Video Player application all my video files had duplicated.

    I sync'ed it back up with the computer and after unplugging it, the phone displayed four copies of each file. I tried wiping the SD card (by just "select all" and deleting on the computer). Unusually when I then looked at the SD card on the phone, I then had THREE copies of each file.

    I've tried rebooting the phone, removing and reinserting the SD card, reinstalling the application and even temporarily using the old 2gb memory card (unusually that had duplicates of each video file again). I've just wiped it and copied all the files over from the old memory card and now it's even more weird. Some videos are duplicated just once, and others up to three times. So I have two copies of some files, three of some and four of others.

    Any ideas? HELP!!!!


  2. HTC

    HTC Well-Known Member

    yours came with a 2gb card? well thats a first. I've played with alot of G1's and they all came with 1GB... lol
  3. jean3167

    jean3167 New Member

    Take a look at this tool called Duplicate finder 2009 that can easily delete duplicate files or move, it helped me when i was created multiple duplicate files, so i think it will be very usefultool for you, you can find it on google search.
  4. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Make sure you format the new 8GB card to FAT32 ... then copy your backed up files back onto the card ....
  5. antony

    antony New Member

    I recommend Clone Remover. This is program for finding duplicate files, such as photo files, music files, image files. It is ideal for Windows and Vista. It has the following ways to search for duplicate files: search by content, search by properties, files with a zero size.http://www.moleskinsoft.com
  6. Greco

    Greco New Member

    Try Ashisoft Duplicate Finder to find and remove duplicate files... This application helps me recover lots gbs from sd card.
  7. mooboy

    mooboy Member

    I had a problem similar to this where it was duplicating mp3s in the music player. I had playlist files in the same directory as the mp3s so as a result it doubled them up when it read the playlist file and the the actual mp3 files themselves.
  8. shafiqrajib

    shafiqrajib New Member

    you can try Duplicate Files Deleter for you.it is very fast and i hope you can enjoy it's service.

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