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  1. Natassja

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    Dec 7, 2010
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    My phone has been fine untill the last week. It would usually have plenty of space for media but recently it doesnt. I decided to transfer all my photos and videos onto my Mac so i could continue to take photos and videos. But even after i had done this (emptied all my photos and videos), it said my SD card was still full. :confused:

    I then went to settings - SD and Phone storage, and saw that i only had 77MB available. I checked to see how much of my music was using it up but it was only using 3GB.

    I decided to re format the SD card and doing so i lost everything. Hoping that everything would be ok now i connected my phone to the computer to upload music. Everything was fine until i uploaded the 4th song and it said that their wasn't enough space.

    Im now looking at my SD & phone storage page on my phone and it says
    TOTAL SPACE - 7.40GB
    Available space - 3.22MB

    available space - 1.05GB

    Could someone please help me! :confused: i Just want it to go back to having plenty of space for photos, videos and music and not all these troubles. Also if someone could explain the difference between SD & Phone Storage and Internal Phone Storage.

    THank you.

  2. dvhttn

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    Oct 17, 2010
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    Have you upgraded to 2.2.1 recently? If so you may want to check out the threads about the upgrade killing SD Cards.


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