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  1. GrnFrg22

    GrnFrg22 Member

    I've search all over the internet looking for either someone else who's had a similar problem to mine or even a solution to my problem but I'm not getting much. My problem is this: I am having trouble with my SD card. My first problem is that it seems as if I don't get a lot of pics or video before it won't store anymore. Well the way I solved that was by saving all those pics & vids on to my comp & then deleting them off my SD. I also, before doing that, checked on the available storage on my SD & it showed plenty. I even went into an AT&T store to see if they could either explain what was going on or fix it. Of course, just like when you take your car in b/c it's doing something you know is not normal & it doesn't do it while you're there, my phone did the same thing. It worked just fine! LOL.

    Well then it was a little bit before I ran into the same problem. I did the same things again minus going to an AT&T store. Things seem to be okay for awhile & then it happen again but it was a bit different this time. I've been syncing my Atrix 2 on my computer using the software they give you. I select the option to delete the photos after they've been saved from my phone to the computer. Well the last time I did this, I noticed that there were two pictures left on my phone. I touched one of the thumbnails but when it went to open the pic, it just had a black background with a white triangle shape with an ! in the middle of it & said "error loading media". It did the same with the other pic. I went on to my computer to see if it'd saved it there but it wasn't. Well after that episode, I noticed another strange issue with my pics/vids.

    This time what happened is I took some pics & vids. Well as most people do, I went into My Gallery to take a look at them. They seemed okay & I went on my merry way. Well later that day I went to look at them again & some were showing that black bkgrd w/white triangle & !. I couldn't figure out what happen b/c I'd done nothing to the phone since I'd last checked it.

    I've read online about how some people say that the class of the SD has something to do with it. I don't think mine has that problem b/c it's only a 4GB card. I have two other SD cards but they each are only 2GB.

    After that, I tried to format my SD card, think that it might keep the problem, whatever that problem was, from happening down the road. Wrong!!!

    Last night I took several pics of my son when he was playing outside. All of a sudden I saw a brief message flash on my screen. I didn't catch what it said. Went to My Gallery to look at the pics I'd taken & there wasn't a single one there!!!!! I'd taken like 5 - 10 pics!!!! What the heck!!! I really wish I knew what the problem was so that I could fix it. I really like my phone & don't want to have to take it back to get a different model. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

  2. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Well-Known Member

    I posted this on another thread earlier.

    I would say you may have an sd card issue. Class 4 or 5 cards seem to work fine, but the higher class cards are not received as well by the Atrix 2 for some reason. I have a 32g class 4 sandisk that works perfectly. Others have noted that they had to buy a lower class card to fix similar issues on their phones. Sometimes being low class pays off :)
  3. GrnFrg22

    GrnFrg22 Member

    How do I find out what class my SD card is? I'm looking at it now & I see a small 4 inside what looks like the letter C. Is that indicating it's a class 4? Thanks!
  4. GrnFrg22

    GrnFrg22 Member

    I also just looked at my 4GB Scan Disk SD card on my computer. None of the pics I took yesterday are on there. Pictures I took from several days ago & a few videos are on there. So I put the SD card back in my phone. Still can't see any of the pics or videos. Tried taking a pic to see what would happen. It went through the actions of taking a pic but nothing appeared in the gallery. Also, I have an app called EverNote, & it couldn't interact with the SD card like it has previous times past when I've taken the SD card & then put it back in.
  5. 916x10

    916x10 Well-Known Member

    Ive heard evernote has been id'd as one of the apps that causes this interference. I'd uninstall it and try the sdcard again to see what happens.
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  6. Skyledavis

    Skyledavis Member

    Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but is this probably the source of my issues? I have a class 4 8GB SD card. If I'm understanding what I've read elsewhere, the Atrix doesn't let me install things like songs or pictures to the hard drive. It's only for applications. So if I'm having space issues, it's probobly my card, right?

    Here are the various memory-related problems I'm having:

    • Occasionally pictures refuse to store on my SD card
    • Some apps requiring installation onto the SD card won't install (Talking Tom, Robin, etc.)
    • With the latest updates to Google Play Music, songs on the cloud won't stream (I assume they download to a temp file on the SD card)

    The error I usually get is that I'm out of memory, but storage settings indicates that I have 5.35 GB of available space on my card.

    Does this have something to do with the card class? Is there something I can do to fix this (very annoying) issue?
  7. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Well-Known Member

    I would guess it's your card. I have a Sandisk Class 4 32 gig card and have not had any issues. I have even transferred every app that will allow to the sd card without issue.
  8. Skyledavis

    Skyledavis Member

    When you say "your card" what do you mean? A bad class of card? Or is it just the particular model?

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