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  1. JD421

    JD421 Member

    I just wanted to let other unsuspecting customers of cell phones with a keyboard know about their phone memory. I had a Motorola Flipside that had 150 mb internal memory. Suffice it to say that it could hardly make a phone call never mind download an app. Thats when I found out that internal memory was important.

    I didn't want to buy an Apple, you can't take the battery out, it has no keyboard and you can't add a sd card to it.

    So after a year and a half of this flipside I did my research and decided on the Samsung Captivate Glide. I did not want another motorola ever and I use att service. A Windows phone is out of the question. I don't want it.

    I just took it home to find out that it has 3.75 gb of USB memory. I was told this is the memory the phone uses if you don't have a sd card installed.

    And 1.89 gb of System memory. My phone has gingerbread. System memory is where your apps get downloaded to. Most apps cannot be moved to a SD card. So after all this, I have 1.89 GB left to download apps to instead of the 8 GB of memory as advertised. This is misleading and dishonest. And if I download ice cream, I will have even less space.

    I just wanted to warn everyone about this because I couldn't find any information about it anywhere. If you get an iPhone 4s, you can buy a bluetooth keyboard that attaches to it and you will have 16 GB of internal memory minimum.

    My friend has a 3Gs and his iPhone is advertised with 8 GB of internal memory. Out of the 8 GB, he has 6.2 GB available for apps, pics and everything else. So the Apple OS doesn't use that much memory.

    If anyone has any ideas or news about a new keyboard phone coming out that have more internal memory for apps, please let me know, I have 30 days to take this back. I may have to buy the Apple :(

  2. BlownGP

    BlownGP Active Member

    Well, this is very interesting because I was about to get this phone for my wife.

    She too had the shitty ass Motorola Flipside and wants a phone with a keyboard.

    So what is the other GB's being used for since they claim it as 8GB? This is pretty crappy if I will have the same problem again.

    If you have a SD card with it use less internal memory?
  3. JD421

    JD421 Member

    I am not sure what the other 2.36 gb are used for. They maybe the operating system and the 1.89 gb is what is left over.

    You should not have the same problem again. The captivate glide is pretty snappy and has plenty of room to download apps. I have about 20 apps downloaded now and no problems. And I still have 1.62 GB left. I have just about any app I need. And since she has an appless phone now, she will be overwhelmed with her new capability.

    The sd card will be used primarily to store her pics, video and music. Yes some apps do save to the sd but few in my experience. So the answer is the sd card will not save you any internal memory for saving apps-- where the apps go. the other area usb storage, which is in the phone physically, is where the phone will save pics, music and video if you do not have a sd card. So the answer is yes the sd card will save "internal memory" in the usb area. But you cannot use the usb memory area for apps, they won't download to there and you can't save them there. I bought a 32 gb sd card from best buy for 30 bucks. this is a bit confusing. the apps only go in the internal area, you will have 1.89 gb of space for that. the internal area shares its space with the os. the phone has 3.75 space USB area for pics and stuff and you can also add a sd card. i hope that helps.

    Now here is a new option. T mobile has the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4g, it only has two compartments for memory (instead of 3). internal memory and everything else. the internal memory is used for the operating system only and the other area holds everything else like pics, music, video, her files and the apps. It has 5 GB for that space and of course you can install a sd card too. So if you wanted you could put all your pics and stuff on the sd card and have 5 gb just for apps. thats a lot of apps. the S Relay has 5 rows on the keyboard. one just for numbers. and I think it is running ice cream os. check it out. i also think it just went FREE. ok?

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