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SDM in App List ????General

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  1. secretagnt

    secretagnt Member

    I was looking through my list of apps and SDM is listed .... WHat is this ... It looks like it has access to a HUGE bunch of info ... Is this something that came with the phone ... Just never seen it before and was wondering what it is and where it came from or was it there all along ...


  2. tsandroid

    tsandroid Well-Known Member

    I have it too on my samsung stratosphere. I had problems with it so I factory reset it and later noticed it in the list of installed apps. I ended up having a "reconditioned" stratosphere sent to me & it's on it too. I don't remember it being installed before, but I can't say for sure. I found a site before claiming it was a tracking app from verizon, but that was on my original phone, so obviously I don't have the link now. You could try freezing it, which I believe ics allows without root - that would stop it from being able to run - but I don't know if it would work since it's not in the app drawer.

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