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sdx-developers now have ROMs based on 4/11/2011 VM USA Froyo release

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  1. EdAndInn

    EdAndInn Well-Known Member


    The great developers and testers at sdx-developers came up with two version of Froyo using VM USA Froyo release.


    Rooted Froyo ROM for those who previously upgraded to Sprint Froyo 2.2
    For Sprint baseband, DL05 or DF27

    A few people tested this and reported that MMS and Voice Mail notifications working again.

    Virgin Mobile Froyo 2.2 StockROM, kernel, and other stuff. *Ok GO! Fixed!*


    Official Stock Froyo ROM based on latest VM USA


    Please read in detail and decide for yourself.


  2. Jenny Z

    Jenny Z Well-Known Member

    All that is totally Greek to me.

    Guess I'll wait it out.
  3. sfollenius

    sfollenius Active Member

    There are updates there now, with further explanation, still a tad complicated as all the instructions are not all in one place.
  4. kcmartz

    kcmartz Well-Known Member

    So i download all the files to the SDcard then run via recovery or something?
  5. fozzy501

    fozzy501 Active Member

    so if i do this to my phone what would it do?? will it increase performance?? would i be able to use live wallpapers? is there like a rom from t mobile phones??
  6. striker325

    striker325 Well-Known Member

    The links seem to be dead. Does anybody have the official update?

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