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SE Neo Bluetooth photo transferTips

  1. androidjono

    androidjono New Member

    HAving found little on the Neo and struggled with the Bluetooth to Mac link, finally its working - so hopefully i can save you some frustration.
    -you dont need to down load ap "bluetooth file transfer" but you do need to follow the SE instructions as pasted below - but i found it still wont work on a MAc PRO
    UNTIL you open bluetooth from the Mac icon bar,
    Select: Open Bluetooth Preferences
    Hilght : the Xperia Neo- which you have already paired (see below) but is"not connected" (red dot).
    Click: Sharing Setup at the bottom of the window
    Tick service box:Bluetooth sharing in column on the left
    and tick "require pairing" on the right options.
    :) Now when you go to gallery and select photos on Neo they will send to your mac.
    Hope that helps.

    SE NEO instructions: (Italics items wont work until you have done the above!)
    To turn on the Bluetooth

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  2. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that, without a MAC at my location I am rather limited in the relevant information I can provide people in the usage between our handsets and the MAC OS so information like this helps a lot :)

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