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  1. neowner

    neowner New Member

    Hi. I've got 5 days old Xperia Neo and I noticed that I loose Internet (network) access after some period of time while using wireless at home. The wirless says it is connected but I cannot browse the web, watch videos on youtube or use skype. It happens very often after running high traffic apps, for example watching video on youtube or iplayer. If I turn off and turn back the wirless on it works fine for some time and then dies again. The phone software is up to date. Does anyone have this problem or it is just me?

  2. kedge

    kedge New Member

    I had the exact same problem with my 2 day old sim free neo, took it back for a new one which has been fine, maybe a bad batch out there?
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  3. neowner

    neowner New Member

    Thanks kedge for your reply.

    I was on the phone with my mobile network supplier and they want me to reset the handset to defaults which I am going to do tonight. I am pretty sure this will not resolve the problem but probably worth a try.

    The other thing I noticed is that when I changed my router's configuration to use WPA with TKIP encryption it works fine. I think there is a problem with AES encryption only and some people do not realize there is a problem until they use wireless with stronger encryption level.

    I will post another message when I get the handset replaced.
  4. neowner

    neowner New Member

    After receiving the replacement headset I can confirm that everything is working fine. Hurray! Problem's resolved :)
  5. krazykraft

    krazykraft New Member

    I think I've found the issue. There are an OS update for the NEO. If you are running 2.3.2 AES is not working properly (connection on WiFi is instable) Just update it to 2.3.4 and you're done :)

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