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  1. benparsons

    benparsons Member

    Is there any way to search within all PDF files on the device? The main system search doesn't index them.

    I'm imagining something like the way spotlight works in that it searches within files globally (ie, all files on the system). Maybe this is too intensive indexing for a mobile device.

  2. douglasrac

    douglasrac Active Member

    Can't believe almost a year later and nothing like this exist. It's a must feature.
  3. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    There is. Try ezPDF Reader. It's the best PDF on the market to date. It costs a few pennies ($2.99) but it's worth it :) It has a lot of features including the ability to search within the PDF.
  4. douglasrac

    douglasrac Active Member

    It search inside the PDF while Im already inside the PDF. That is just useless. I want an universal search, just like Windows Search, searching all files and inside text files, such as DOC, TXT and PDF.
  5. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    hmm...yeah, we don't have that >_>;;;;
  6. jae_63

    jae_63 Well-Known Member

  7. douglasrac

    douglasrac Active Member

    I would if Power Search works. It doesn't. It keep searching and searching and never ends. I end up using ES Explorer. But no search inside files.

    It's very strange that the biggest search company in the world makes an operational system without internal search.
    You can search satellites near you, book stores near you, or even locate friends in real time, but can't find a file that is right there, in front of you?
  8. benparsons

    benparsons Member

    Yes, it is surprising. I'd really like Kindle to have a global search feature too, but it's a notable missing feature. Windows 7 doesn't even include this feature from scratch, but Spotlight on OSX is superb.
  9. benparsons

    benparsons Member

    Wow, just realised I started this thread and it's the last time I was on the site, a year ago. Great response from the community in that time of course...
  10. douglasrac

    douglasrac Active Member

    The response is from now. I revived your thread.

    Windows 7 includes a perfect search engine from scratch. Android sucks!
  11. benparsons

    benparsons Member

  12. Bill09798634

    Bill09798634 New Member


    I struggled with this for a while. If you put your pdfs in Google Drive, then they will automatically be indexed. You can then open google drive from your phone and search!
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  13. AndroSearch

    AndroSearch New Member

    AndroSearch app will search within all PDF files on the device. It also searches in Office
    files and other textual formats.
    Disclaimer: I'm its developer.
  14. douglasrac

    douglasrac Active Member

    And I endorse him. Its an amazing app. Just like in Win7, fast search and inside contacts, files, numbers, names, addresses, everything. I forgot about this thread, otherwise I would have posted myself long time ago.

    It also integrates with Tasker.

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