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Searching for a WiFi Media Player with HDD support

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  1. droidinmiami

    droidinmiami Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to find a WiFi (n) media player for my bedroom TV to stream internet channels like Youtube etc. as well as being able to play back movies from an external USB HDD.

    Doesn't have to have a Blue-ray drive.

    Most important part is that it has a good WiFi reception and NTFS HDD support.

    Must have video playback capabilities: Xvid, MKV, h.264, mov everything else is secondary.

    I've been looking for hours but couldn't find a serious device that offers all of that while still being reasonably priced or reliable.

    Often the WiFi capabilities are sub par so it's really important to have good WiFi reception.

    Does not require Android OS - if you know of another device that meets the above requirements just post the model name and manufacturer and I look into it.

    I hope someone here has some streaming experience with such devices :)

    Thanks in advance!

  2. go2vegas

    go2vegas Member

    A few months back I got the Sony SMP-N200. Got it for 50 bucks @ amazon.
    After purchase saw it @ Sony for same price w/ 3 month free hulu plus. Wouldn't have kept hulu plus, but would have checked it out.

    I am not sure if it has all specs you're looking for check it out. It is streaming netflix well for me. And has played all the files from flash drive w/ no issues. The largest file was a 4+GB .mkv. It did all I needed to do @ the time and the price was right. I think the specs were better than the comparable roku's.

  3. droidinmiami

    droidinmiami Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that info.

    Yes, this player looks great. Everything I need.

    How is the WiFi reception? I'm pretty far away from the router (n) but both my ipod touch and my Android phone (LG Connect 4G) have decent reception where the player will be but I've seen other wireless devices showing poor reception in that spot... :(
  4. go2vegas

    go2vegas Member

    I am a good distance also and no problems. Just moved and am further than before and getting good signal. The uverse installer said he had the same unit and loves it also.

    I am currently looking for a Google TV box. I saw some G boxes on eBay. Anyone have any comment on those?
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