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  1. rudie8125

    rudie8125 New Member

    After having my Galaxy S4 for about a week I needed to use it for navigation. I input the destination into Google Maps and requested navigation from the Google Nav app. About 40 minutes later the phone located itself, and started giving me directions. Prior to that, it displayed the message "Searching for GPS..."

    "Use Wireless Networks" is checked in location services.

    I tried contacting Samsung, but customer service was not helpful. Is this problem some other software setting I don't know about, or is this likely a hardware issue that Samsung needs to fix?

  2. JSchu22

    JSchu22 Well-Known Member Contributor

    This sounds like a problem I had which could only be resolved by toggling GPS off then back on. I found a better solution in getting a replacement.
  3. rudie8125

    rudie8125 New Member

    Well, I spent a few days trying to disconnect and reconnect, restart my phone, simple stuff. Samsung online tech support told be to go into the Program Manager, find GPS, and clear data--I guess they meant I should clear data for Google Navigator? This morning, GPS was locked in (Google Nav was running all night) and it stayed locked in until I got home. I decided to test the GPS by restarting my phone, and the connection was lost and would not lock in. So I turned the GPS off and then on, and it locked right in. Every time I turn off the GPS and turn it back on, it locks in quickly. I'm glad my GPS is useful now (magically), but I don't think I should have to cycle the GPS every time I want to navigate. Anyone know what's up with this thing?

    P.S. The online tech support from Samsung is awful. Would someone in the AT&T store look at the phone or get me more help from Samsung?
  4. candygirl1229

    candygirl1229 New Member

    I only get satellite towers any fix for this problem? I have Sprint
  5. bright6565

    bright6565 New Member

    I had the same issue and found the solution for me after many trials and errors: just uninstalling Yahoo Weather fixed the problem. Hope this suggestion would help other people.
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  6. DrakeScott

    DrakeScott New Member

    Right now, today, you are a god to me. This was driving me insane! Thanks a million times over.
  7. bright6565

    bright6565 New Member

    You're welcome. I just had a lot of luck :)

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