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  1. PhaGeek

    PhaGeek New Member


    I am quite new to App Inventor and need some hints on how to design an app which searches in a tinyDB which is pre-made (there is no "saving to"-functionality).

    The app basically contains a text field in which the user enters a keyword and then presses a search button. The app then searches through a database to check if the entered keyword matches any contained in the database. If it does, the app then retrieves and displays up to five fields of information connected to the keyword in the database. The database and its contents I will create before hand, as stated above.

    - How do I structure the blocks to make the search functionality?
    - How do I structure the blocks to display on the screen five fields contained under the keyword in the database?
    - and how do I create the tinyDB that is to be connected to this App?

  2. glitz521

    glitz521 New Member

    looking to have a similar working app only with mine, Id like to use a list picker to to narrow down a list of venues (rows) to match search criteria that are defined by various attributes (Column). The list result would be the venues that match the search criteria. Then, each Venue would have its own page that displays all attributes for that venue.

    EX: Venues: place 1, place 2, place 3, ect
    Attributes: City, Restaurant (yes/no), Open late (yes/no), ect

    User searches for a place that is a restaurnat that is not open late-- And gets a list of all venues that match up to that query.

    My db is also genereated and dont need option for a user to "enter" info. If you ever ot this working, I would be curious to how its done using which layout and code blocks.

  3. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    I've moved this to our App Inventor forum so you can get the help you need.:)
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  4. Mathias198623

    Mathias198623 New Member

    Hi guys,

    I am also looking to make something similar, though am having a lot of trouble getting any type of search function to work. My app is idea is very simple, just a few hundred texts quotes that i want to be searchable. All i want is a front screen that you can type in keywords and hit 'search'. screen 2 displays the quotes that matched any of the searched words.

    seems really simple though i cannot find any info on how to do this. Did you guys find a solution?
  5. PavementPilot

    PavementPilot Well-Known Member

    If you are going to have just a searchable DB, then how do you propose to populate the DB in the first place?

    With just searchable data, I would construct variables with make list, and pull the data from there. Each variable is the name of the main subject, and the items in the list will be extra data associated with it.
  6. jumpjack

    jumpjack Member

    Did anybody solve this issue? I have a confidential database which I don't wont to upload anywhere, and I wont to query it on my phone using my own app developed by AppInventor2: how can I populate the tinyDB of my app using my own data?

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