Second missed call in a row.

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  1. jd_abramson

    jd_abramson New Member

    I would like to receive an alert on the second missed call in a row (<30 seconds.) I found this post, however I'm too ignorant to implement it. I've attached the xml export from my phone.


    Here's the what I've done.

    Created Variable "XCALLS
    Profile name "Second Call in a Row"
    Context "Missed Call*"
    Task "Second Call Alert"
    1. Stop If %XCALLS ~ 1
    2. if %XCALLS ~ 2
    3. Torch set On
    4. Wait MS 600
    5. Torch set Off
    6. Wait MS 600
    7. Torch set On
    8. Wait MS 600
    9. Torch set Off
    10. Wait MS 600
    11. End If
    12. Variables Set Name %XCALLS To 0

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  2. jd_abramson

    jd_abramson New Member

    Geoff from the Kludge posted this tutorial.
    Tasker: Sleep mode with text message reply | the kludge

    I changed the profiles to meeting and all works well.
  3. KitWasHere

    KitWasHere Well-Known Member

    This profile will set off if two different people call you in a short time period, which may work for some. I set my profile up a little different:

    Missed call: Any

    1)Write File: File = /sdcard/DCIM/Tasker/MissedCall If = %CNUM doesn't match %LastCaller
    2)Read Line: File = DCIM/Tasker/MissedCall To Var = %LastCaller
    3)If: %CNUM matches %LastCaller
    4)Media Volume: 15
    5)Play ringtone
    6)Notify: Text = %CNAME %CNUM
    7)End If
    8)Wait 10min
    9)Variable Clear: %LastCaller

    All of the "If" stuff can be however you want to be notified on the second missed call in a row from just one person.
  4. KitWasHere

    KitWasHere Well-Known Member

    So I took another crack at this, seems to be reliable so far. If you use it, please let me know how it works out for you.

    Profile: 2 Missed Calls = Notify (230)
    Event: Missed Call [ Caller:* ]
    Enter: Anon (231)
    A1: Load App [ App:phone Data: Exclude From Recent Apps:Off ]
    A2: Wait [ MS:1 Seconds:0 Minutes:0 Hours:0 Days:0 ]
    A3: Kill App [ App:phone Use Root:On ]
    A4: Notify [ Title:DND - Missed Call Text:Missed Call >>> %CNAME - %CNUM Icon:hd_aaa_ext_phone_missed Number:0 Permanent:Off Priority:1 ]
    A5: Test [ Type:File Name Data:/storage/sdcard0/Tasker/2callsNotify/%CNUM Store Result In:%Exists Continue Task After Error:On ]
    A6: If [ %Exists ! Set ]
    A7: Write File [ File:Tasker/2callsNotify/%CNUM Text:%TIMES Append:Off Add Newline:Off ]
    A8: Variable Clear [ Name:%CalledWhen Pattern Matching:Off ]
    A9: Variable Clear [ Name:%TimeCompare Pattern Matching:Off ]
    A10: Else If [ %Exists Is Set ]
    A11: Read Line [ File:Tasker/2callsNotify/%CNUM Line:1 To Var:%CalledWhen ]
    A12: Variable Set [ Name:%TimeCompare To:%TIMES - 300 Do Maths:On Append:Off ]
    A13: If [ %CalledWhen > %TimeCompare ]
    A14: Notify Cancel [ Title:DND - Missed Call Warn Not Exist:Off ]
    A15: Media Volume [ Level:15 Display:Off Sound:Off ]
    A16: Play Ringtone [ Type:Alarm Sound:CyanAlarm Stream:4 ]
    A17: Wait [ MS:0 Seconds:3 Minutes:0 Hours:0 Days:0 ]
    A18: Play Ringtone [ Type:Alarm Sound:CyanAlarm Stream:4 ]
    A19: Wait [ MS:0 Seconds:3 Minutes:0 Hours:0 Days:0 ]
    A20: Play Ringtone [ Type:Alarm Sound:CyanAlarm Stream:4 ]
    A21: Notify [ Title:Better Be An Emergency! Text:CALL NOW >>> %CNAME-%CNUM Icon:cust_warning Number:0 Permanent:Off Priority:3 ]
    A22: Else If [ %CalledWhen < %TimeCompare ]
    A23: Delete File [ File:Tasker/2callsNotify/%CNUM Shred Level:0 Use Root:Off ]
    A24: Variable Clear [ Name:%CalledWhen Pattern Matching:Off ]
    A25: Variable Clear [ Name:%TimeCompare Pattern Matching:Off ]
    A26: End If
    A27: Variable Clear [ Name:%Exists Pattern Matching:Off ]
    A28: End If
  5. jd_abramson

    jd_abramson New Member

    Is there a no root way to accomplish similar results for a missed call alert?
  6. KitWasHere

    KitWasHere Well-Known Member

    I replied on the google groups as well. Just delete A3 and should be good to go.
    Also, after A23 add another action into the same "Else If" statement to rewrite the %CNUM file with %TIMES.
  7. jd_abramson

    jd_abramson New Member

    I wanted to share some changes to this solution. One of the issues I had is that this phone is unrooted and I couldn't clear the missed call notification which would hold this profile in a continual state. The result was that subsequent calls would not trigger the task and I would not receive any notification that someone was trying to get a hold of me.

    The solution was to set the profile to "Call Incoming. *" and "Variable Value %MODE_MEETING, Matches, 1"

    Meeting mode is another profile that is set when the phone is upside down or my calendar has #mute in the description. I only want this task when I'm in a meeting and my phone is muted (in meeting mode).

    Thank you for your help KitWasHere
  8. KitWasHere

    KitWasHere Well-Known Member

    Even a rooted phone cannot clear another apps notifications programmatically. My solution was to quickly open the dialer app which clears out the notification, and then kill the app. If you don't have root and cannot kill apps you could just use the "Go Home" action to send it to the background.

    Glad you got it working

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