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Support Secondary SSID Wifi connection issue

  1. doboshine

    doboshine Member

    Hello all. This is driving me crazy. I have a westell 7500 modem/routercombo through centurylink that I am using at my business. The primary wifi is running WPA - straight out of the box - and with the password, everything connects through wifi without an issue. I set up a secondary SSID with no security for our customers, and everything EXCEPT DROIDS can connect to the interent. The devices connect to the router and get a valid IP address and I can see from the router that they are connected. However, there is no connection to the internet. Every search gives "Web page not available" (google comes up). Laptops, non-droid tablets, ipods and ipads can connect, but no DROIDS (including kindles). I have tried to apply security on the secondary SSID, but nothing seems to work. I have the same modem/router combo at home and it behaves the same way. Connect to the primary wifi - no problem. Secondary SSID, droids dont connect. I have an EVO 4d, but I cant get any droid to connect.

    Please help!!!!!!


  2. doboshine

    doboshine Member

    Is anybody out there?
  3. welbinator

    welbinator Well-Known Member

    this area of the forum is dead. little to no support for this device. you'll have better luck in a more general android section of this forum.
  4. doboshine

    doboshine Member

    Where would that be?

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