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Secure Kernel for N7000 Europe / UKGeneral

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  1. tsam19

    tsam19 Well-Known Member

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  2. tsam19

    tsam19 Well-Known Member

    Got rid of the 'yellow triangle' [​IMG][​IMG]

    Root phone - install black market app - search for 'triangle away 1.5.1 - install

    Also resets the rom counter too!

    Job done!!

    Great stuff

    No need for a secure kernel or old bootloader!!

    As for the lack of replies on my thread I would guess there aren't any around :):)
  3. murad786

    murad786 New Member

    I have a galaxy note on ics 4.0.3 but im getting confused on how to root it and what kind of rom to install and the kernels plzz help thanks
  4. tsam19

    tsam19 Well-Known Member

    Rooting the note is as easy as rooting tbe s2!

    There's plenty of info on the 'xda forum site' as is on here, this site

    Do your research like everyone else. The answers are out there.


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