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security pictures

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  1. XvAvX

    XvAvX New Member

    App that will take pictures and post them on the web (facebook,twitter,gmail etc...) with 1 button. My son and his friends were at the beach and got threatened by a mob. It did not escalate from there but it would have been nice for he and his friends to have been able to have pictures sent to idk gmail :) for use in assisting authorities in trying to find the mob if it had. Just having pics on their phones would have not helped if their phones were stolen. Thanks

  2. RSquaredSA

    RSquaredSA New Member

    We're currently developing a similar application!

    Watch this space!
  3. dogwasstar

    dogwasstar New Member

    I have developed a software similar to this. It will send the picture to your email address and also send a text to your designated phone number. Here is the link.


    Please check it out.

  4. dogwasstar

    dogwasstar New Member

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