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  1. sx4dude2013

    sx4dude2013 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone received theirs yet? I have a cheap tpu for now but want something better. I had an active on my droid bionic and loved it. Liked the hard plastic outer shell. Anyone have any pics? I plan to order tonight....Anyone else?

  2. Pioneer74

    Pioneer74 Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking about it. Can't decide between the Active and Surface. had the Surface on my Original Evo and liked it. The Active looks nice but I am worried it is thicker than the Surface.
  3. Elantric

    Elantric Well-Known Member

    I ordered the new Seidio Active with Holster for Galaxy Note 2 today -
    But I went cheap with the shipping (these ship from Houston,TX)

    I dig the kick stand.

    A few here ordered this case - there should be reviews by early next week.
  4. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    I have the active with kickstand on my Note 1 and it's pretty nice. Hopefully they improve the design this year for the kickstand.
  5. Elantric

    Elantric Well-Known Member

  6. sx4dude2013

    sx4dude2013 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the code! Just ordered! My tpu case will carry me til it arrives!
  7. h1r0ll3r

    h1r0ll3r Well-Known Member

    Ordered my Active case yesterday morning and got a shipping notification later that night. Looks like I should be getting it early next week; maybe even Saturday?
  8. edlex

    edlex Well-Known Member

    I'm getting the surface case combo tomorrow. I chose it over the active since I'm getting the defender as soon as they come out. I've had both the surface and the active for my EVO and found the active to be a bit bulky, even bulkier than the defender.
  9. sx4dude2013

    sx4dude2013 Well-Known Member

    I used FedEx air of whatever it was called? Super saver? It shipped today. Hope its here by Saturday!
  10. edlex

    edlex Well-Known Member

    They're in Houston so you should get it pretty quick. I'm impatient so I got 2 day shipping. Tomorrow's the day.
  11. sx4dude2013

    sx4dude2013 Well-Known Member

    Do you think Monday?
  12. menmyjeep

    menmyjeep Well-Known Member

    Well, Monday's out since that is an observed holiday for Veteran's Day.
  13. sx4dude2013

    sx4dude2013 Well-Known Member

    Damn. Won't be here til Tuesday :(
  14. djackson02

    djackson02 Member

    i have been looking at these, but curious on when the otterbox cases are supposed to roll out
  15. sx4dude2013

    sx4dude2013 Well-Known Member

    I like otterbox but I want options like with the iPhone or gsIII. Not just black. I also like how Sedeio has a hard outer shell and not rubber/silicon on the outside. I could never get my nexus out of my pocket with the defender on.

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