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    Jun 1, 2010
    How do you become a DJ with BullsEye Radio ?

    Currently Bullseye Radio is seeking on air talent to fill in shifts, to help us to go live 24 hours a day - 7 days a week . The times available are on our calendar. There are many time slots available.

    Here at BullsEye Radio we are a legally licensed Internet radio station so therfor , you must agree to adhere to our policies and rules that keep us legal , they are simple rules , nothing that cant be follwed easily , such as following D.M.C.A. rules , no vulgar or x-rated shows , no hate or discriminating shows , things of that nature , there is no discussion about this. Thats the way it is. If you cant agree to that , then please do not apply.

    All positions at this time are for experience only , hopefully when we get bigger , I will be able to offer a pay of some sort , but right now you would be doing this with no pay, to get your name out there.

    We have a DJ process to be followed before you begin any on-air show. If you do not go through the process , you will not be allowed on air , simple as that.

    While we are strict on the rules that keep us legal , we are lenient on the fun that you can have with BullsEye Radio. We have a Video chatroom , state of the art Flash Technology , where we gather with our listeners , take requests , joke , laugh , go on cam , and it is really alot of fun. We have a good crowd of people.
    All the Times that are available are Eastern Standard Time . When applying for a certain time , please keep this in mind and adjust to your time zone.

    We are a happy , professional, family here and hope you will consider joining us. PLEASE INQUIRE BY EMAIL FOR MORE INFO -

    Remember , when people want the best . . . . they Aim for the BullsEye ! Be part of a winning team , a great family of friends , and part of the people that really do have a love for music.

    Here are a few things you'll want to make sure you have before applying :
    1) A large MP3 collection . . .at least enough music to do a 3 hour show
    2) A headset mic in good working condition that will bring your voice across the air clearly
    3) An idea of what type of show you want to do
    4) A fast computer with at least 1 gig of ram
    Must be serious and want to really be part of a team

    John Michaels
    Owner / BullsEye Radio Broadcasting


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