Seeking testers for iA Soccer/Football game

  1. workpail

    workpail Member

    Hi folks, I'm looking for constructive feedback about a game I developed, iA Soccer/Football. I've only been able to test on a Nexus 1, and would really like feedback from people who can test the game on other models. If you reply to this thread, please let me know which phone model you're using. Thanks! NOTE: THIS GAME IS ONLY FOR ANDROID 2.1 OR HIGHER.

    Here's a video of game-play:

    YouTube - iA Football/Soccer game for Android

    More info:

    Here's a link to the game in the app market (only works for your phone):


    I've attached the QR Image

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  2. iwillfearnoevil

    iwillfearnoevil Well-Known Member

    installed successfully on my samsung epic. played around for a few minutes and seemed to function as in the demo. will have some fun with it tomorrow, thanks for posting!
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  3. NinjaWfc

    NinjaWfc New Member

    I love soccer games so will install it on my HTC Desire and let you know how I get on, cheers.
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  4. NX3

    NX3 Well-Known Member

    Works on HTC Legend
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  5. workpail

    workpail Member

    Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it! I will try to compile a list of phones on which the game works, and eventually put those up on app description.

    Any other phones out there? Also, general feedback about the game is welcome.
  6. JiMMaR

    JiMMaR Well-Known Member

    cool , that game worked good and was fun XD
    on a Galaxy S

    but if you just changed the look of the menu screen , change the buttons or just put it as another frame, doesn't look too good right now , but the game is fun XD
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  7. freon600a

    freon600a Active Member

    Working on HTC hero.

    Would like to see the players a slightly larger.
    Good game.
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  8. M22RDY

    M22RDY Active Member

    Nice and responsive, some suggestions I have:

    • Game time displayed like real time (ie 3:00) possibly with moving seconds
    • When moving a player you have the ability to determine the distance that player travels, however, when you select another player the original player goes back to default. Would be better if the player continued along the pre-defined path you set to the end of the white line (then defaults)
    • Double tap screen for pass and long hold screen for shoot (more power & distance)
    • Goalkeepers wear a different coloured top to distinguish them from the rest of the team. Plus the ability to collect ball when opposite team were last to make contact with the ball, and normal rebound if own team last to contact the ball.
    • Stat points depending on number of goals/wins, for example: 20 wins going 1x stat point onto player speed or power (ball distance) to allow for reward for playing longer etc.
    • Rather than tapping the screen, highlight player and hold which direction to proceed in (would open the possibility of ball control) and add an extra stat for incentive reward.

    This actually reminds me of SWOS (Sensible World Of Soccer) on the old Commodore Amiga 500+ and I thoroughly enjoyed that game.
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  9. kingvortex

    kingvortex Well-Known Member

    This looks pretty good, but can someone explain why it needs permission to discover my location? Seems like a football game shouldn't need this, so I won't be installing it at the moment.
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  10. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    SOS :) I loved that game so much, I had my US Amiga modded so 50mhz games would work on it :)
  11. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    I like the concept! A scaling zoom option would allow users to adjust the view to their liking. Ref wistles, ball kick sounds and crowd noise and this could be a fun twist of SOS.
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  12. workpail

    workpail Member

    M22RDY: Thanks for the excellent suggestions. As you pointed out, you can only drag one player at a time right now. This is because I'm still working out how to do this right... for example you could "cheat" by dragging all your players back in front of your goal once you pull ahead. I need to improve the game AI to account for these types of situations first. What do you think about allowing 2 players at a time to be dragged for now though?

    If the game becomes popular I would love to add your stat points suggestion along with a league play mode.

    Some of the other suggestions, such as game time display, I should be able to add in the next update, I'll keep you posted.

    Thanks again!
  13. workpail

    workpail Member

    kingvortex: The location and internet settings are required for showing advertisements using AdMob (it's similar Google Adwords, but for mobile phones) in the free version of the game. I'm also using Google Analytics in the app, which requires internet as well.
  14. james.y8

    james.y8 New Member

    Works fine on Droid X. I like the suggestions of M22RDY. Some more control over players would be nice. If you don't want to allow making a wall, maybe some customization for 'playing style' like 'defensive' or 'cherry picker' or something that will change the way the players move on their own.
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  15. M22RDY

    M22RDY Active Member

    I'm sure if the "Cherry Picker" was selected it would definitely change the way the players move...

  16. workpail

    workpail Member

    Hi folks, thanks again for your excellent feedback. I'm not sure when my next update will go out, but I will be taking into account your experiences and advice.

    Is there anyone out there with low resolution screens or lower-end devices? I'm curious if the game works well on small screens.

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