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  1. herpderp234

    herpderp234 New Member

    A part of the touch screen is broken but only a single line of touch sensors are malfunctioning. I was wondering what I would need to fix this. I looked up products that are called touch screen digitizer which looks like a thin part of the screen but not an entire replacement screen. What should I do about this?

  2. DaisFlaque

    DaisFlaque Well-Known Member

    Get your model number off the phone, search Amazon or Ebay or New Egg for a replacement digitizer. I am a technician and replace these thing on a daily basis. You might even find a YouTube video on how to take it apart.
  3. dupek

    dupek Well-Known Member

    I got a lot of dust under the glass. Is it possible to remove the glass from front or will have to take the phone apart?. Thanks.

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