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  1. garytheanimal

    garytheanimal Well-Known Member

    I'm getting shut of my X10 in favour of an SGS, i'm loving android and the market (after using iTunes for the last 18 months) but the X10 i've had for the last three months has a couple of issues that get my goat. So i'd just like to make sure before buying the SGS,

    1. Does the phone lock itself after making or receiving calls?
    2. Is it loud enough to hear in your pocket if it rings?
    3. Does it have Multi Touch? (SE told fibs about their X10 having it)

    I'm also led to believe its running on 2.1v, is that correct?
    I know i can research all this through Google before anyone pipes up, but i find it better to ask those who use it on a regular basis rather than someone who reviews it for a day.

  2. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    Does the phone lock itself? No. Never happened to me at least.

    Loudness is a personal thing.... To be honest, not really. That's why I turned vibration on as well.

    Yes. Has really good multi touch. I think some test showed that it can actually support up to 7 point multi touch (though there's no software support for that many figers at once.)
  3. garytheanimal

    garytheanimal Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply. Its a really annoying feature of the X10 that the phones locks and you have to first swipe then enter your unlock pattern after every call.
  4. Stevarneo

    Stevarneo Member

    My wife also had the se x10 and the ringer was considerably quieter than my sgs had some fault on the x10 so the kind fellow at the Three shop in derby exchanged it for a sgs free of charge which was nice :).

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