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  1. seeon

    seeon New Member


    I would like to introduce our app from - As you know offers a free broadcasting and video on demand platform. We know have Android App for end users to watch our live streaming channels and videos on demand

    - Android 2.2 and up
    - Flash enabled

    The app is available in the market here

    What is available in the app?
    - Live streaming sections: all categories, sport, movies, comedy, entertainment, anime and more
    - Videos on demand: you can search for a video you would like to watch.

    Please email all feedback/bugs report to

    SeeOn staff

  2. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Well-Known Member

    The channel lineup looks pretty weak but even so... Have you licensed rebroadcasting rights from the content owners listed on your website? It seems like you're encouraging the end users to rebroadcast proprietary programming without any regard for the legality.

    Interestingly, the website has no contact information for the company-- which I guess would make it just a little bit harder for the Hollywood lawyers to shut down Seems shady.
  3. seeon

    seeon New Member


    We strictly follow the DMCA laws and we remove the copyrighted content very often. Channels are worldwide from several countries. We have worked with many copyright owners like NFL, NBA, MLB, Fox to constantly remove the copyrighted material. Our platform is similar to or, but we are much a smaller size platform.

  4. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Well-Known Member

    Thanks but you didn't answer my question. Have you licensed rebroadcasting rights from the content owners listed on your website?

    You seem to be saying that you follow DMCA laws in that you merely act as a conduit for video broadcasts from end-users and that you'll respond to complaints from the copyright owners in the likely event that your end-users illegally rebroadcast copyrighted content.

    Why is there no corporate contact information posted on your website? Are you trying to make it difficult for the Hollywood lawyers to contact you?

    Ustream licenses content and puts their corporate contact information on their website.
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  5. kmcgee

    kmcgee New Member

    God shut the "f" up. What are you, the damn police? Why is it your business? If there is something shady going on, it has nothing to do with you. In the meantime, the rest of us who travel a lot and don't want to miss our shows can enjoy free entertainment until something changes that. Thank you. I think being able to watch live television online is super cool. It's about time someone gave some of these money hungry cable and satellite companies a little payback. If you don't like it, don't watch. Simple as that. In the meantime, mind your business and get a life.
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  6. Kuualoha

    Kuualoha New Member

    why dont YOU shut up kmcgee. Theres nothing wrong with someone who abides by the laws. That aside, most of these "streaming" sites have ulterior motives, why else would they take such a huge legal risk? Simply to provide random moronic strangers such as yourself with the ability to cheat and steal from legit businesses? I dont think so. They do it to put virus' and spyware on dumb F's computers. Climb back in your hole, is just another person lying, cheating and stealing to make a buck while other have to go out into the world and slave to make a dollar. When you go to their site and your comptuer crashes for all the virus' you got from there, you wont be thanking them for saving you a couple of bucks to view some ppv sports show. I think Razz's main point is that this guys acting like he's legit when he's obviously not. AND if you look into the site, he's a spammer who spams all over the place.. where ever he can. I HATE PATHETIC LOSERS LIKE THEM.

    I wish more people were like RazzMaTazz.
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