Seidio 1600mah battery

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  1. Lovenexus

    Lovenexus Member

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, but I was curious in the extended battery by seidio and wanted the consumers experience before purchasing. What are some of my fellow nexus s owners experience with the seidio 1600mah battery. Does it take longer to charge? How many hours do you get compared to stock battery? Any input would be much appreciated thank you very much

  2. B2L

    B2L Well-Known Member

    I would definitely like to find out as well. I was thinking about buying it. I would like to have a spare anyways.
  3. Here is a Seidio customer: I had the extended 1600 mah battery for my Nexus one in the past year and now on my Nexus S

    I think its not really worth it since its only 100 mah more than the stock for 49$... but it really give some minutes more a day (depend what you do) no way an hour more! I just needed a spare battery so its perfect and now I use it every day and I have a pretty good battery life.
  4. Lovenexus

    Lovenexus Member

    I appreciate that, hoping to see more feedback before I come a conclusion
  5. shrivelfig

    shrivelfig Well-Known Member

    1600mAh for $49? :eek:

    The AB653850CA battery comes in both 1440 and 1500mAh capacities.
    1440 + 11.1% = 1600
    1500 + 6.7% = 1600

    An original 1440mAh battery is $4.95 on eBay, free US shipping.
    I bought an original 1500mAh battery for $8.24 on eBay, with free US shipping.

    So you get 11.1% extra capacity for almost 10 times the price.
    Or 6.7% extra capacity for almost 6 times the price.

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