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Seidio Active Limite Edition case for EVO 4G

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  1. Bryank930

    Bryank930 Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 21, 2010
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    Just picked up the otterbox commuter for my Evo. Looking to sell my Innocase Active LE. It's in good condition, but I had to cut the hole around the headphone jack a little larger to fit the plug in my car. Other than that and the rubberized coating coming off of the plastic a little near the headphone jack, it's in decent condition. No cracks.

    Horrible picture, but you can see my modification and the missing coating in this pic:

    It will come with the otterbox screen protector and application card.

    Because of the modification/condition, I'm looking for $15 OBO shipped to the lower 48.

    Paypal gift please.


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