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  1. ABV

    ABV Member

    I cannot make the top half fit at all, am I missing something. The "back" piece that covers the backside of the keyboard snaps on nice, the "front" piece that covers the display barley snaps on and then falls off when you close the phone. And in looking at it, I don't know how it would even be possible for it to stay on when it slides closed. I hope I just received the wrong piece or something.

  2. Matty Mo

    Matty Mo Well-Known Member

    Have you tried sliding the phones screen so the keyboard is extended. Then try putting the top piece on? I haven't received mine yet, so i don't know were the clips are but usually having it open and then trying to slide it on one side at a time usually works.
  3. tarpon6

    tarpon6 Member

    I am having the same problem as above. The front went on fine with keyboard open. The slider was very stiff opening and closing the keyboard. After a couple hours the front piece wouldn't stay on anymore. I contacted Seidio, they are very good about taking care of issues. I suggest you do the same.
  4. ABV

    ABV Member

    @ matty mo : yes, definately tried it with the slide open. i tried it every way possible.

    @ tarpon6 : I will do that, I was just wondering if I was doing something something wrong.

    Thanks all
  5. seidioseidio

    seidioseidio Well-Known Member

    I apologize about this! If you could PM me your order number, I can take care of this for you.
  6. ABV

    ABV Member

    It's an Amazon order number, is that ok?

    I sent this email to Seidio:

    "Hi there,
    Let me start by saying I am a strong believer in Seidio quality. I have the innocase and holster, the extended rugged case & holster, the innocell extended battery, the innocase extended, the innotraveler dock, etc. for my EVO and they are all flawless. I follow the forums closley and I share my positive experiences with Seidio.
    I just bought my wife an EVO Shift 4g, and I can't get the innocase front cover to stay on. I think I am pretty mechanically inclined, but I can't seem to make it stay on. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I think it has a fitment issue.
    I bought it through Amazon by Seidio.
    Let me know if you have any information on this issue."

    And the response I received was this:

    "Thank you for your inquiry at Seidioonline. We are more than happy to assist you with your concern. We apologize for any inconvenience our products has caused you. We can definitely replace that product for you. However you will need to file for a WSRMA(Whole Sale Return Merchandise Authorization). Here is the The WSRMA department will process your request within 1-2 business days. Please note that all warranties must be within 6 months of purchase. In the meantime, if there
  7. seidioseidio

    seidioseidio Well-Known Member

    Yes, you can send it back to Amazon or do the replacement through us by filling out the WSRMA form. However, we have had a few complaints about this and are looking into it, but it isn't a widespread issue that is occurring with all of the cases.
  8. Lancerz

    Lancerz Member

    I'll just say I ordered my case directly from Seido and haven't had any issues at all. I saw the Seido cases for the shift advertised on Amazon before Seido even had them so that didnt look right at all. I mean they bootleg everything
  9. ABV

    ABV Member

    Thanks everyone. I just ordered a new one from Seidio's website and did the Amazon return, they are going to have UPS pick it up tomorrow pre-paid from my house. Seems like the easiest solution. I'm sure this one will be fine.
  10. seidioseidio

    seidioseidio Well-Known Member

    After talking to a few that experienced this issue, we learned that it was due to the top cover being installed upside down. There should be a groove that goes on the top part.
  11. ABV

    ABV Member

    After receiving the second case from seidio, no one can get it to stay on. The groove is in the correct spot on the top, all of the snaps are firmly snapped (actually lifted the upper slider section to make sure they clicked). I can't open the phone over 4 times without the cover coming off.
    On a positive note, the screen protector fit, finish and clarity are great.
  12. seidioseidio

    seidioseidio Well-Known Member

    When you put the top piece on, are you opening up the keyboard first and then putting the top piece on?
  13. ABV

    ABV Member

    Yes, definitely.
  14. Matty Mo

    Matty Mo Well-Known Member

    I found the best way to apply the Innocase was to open it up. Put the top on from side to side, clipping in each one as i go. Then the bottom, starting with the side that is covered by the top then the other.
  15. seidioseidio

    seidioseidio Well-Known Member

    Can you please PM me your order number so I can help you with this?
  16. ABV

    ABV Member

    I received the RMA # today so it is on its way. Thanks.
  17. TViddy

    TViddy New Member

    I just got this case last Saturday. I ordered through Amazon on Thursday. Im an Amazon prime customer so I get things shipped fairly quickly. Snapped on the case with ease! Few things I like about this case....

    1) Does not make it bulky.
    2) The feel of the case is silky smooth
    3) Raises the back so that the camera lens wont get scratched up.
    4) Was really easy to install.

    I was a bit worried after reading that people had problems installing this case on their EVO Shift. To my surprise, the install literally took less than a minute. Good job Seidio on an awesome case.
  18. met.watts

    met.watts New Member

    I have recently received the Seidio surface case, and it isn't fitting properly either. Facing the phone with the charging port downward, the top left clip on the front cover pops out of place once the phone is closed.

    Otherwise, I love the case and would love to be able to keep it. The look and the feel of the case is great. It just drives me nuts to have to push the corner down everytime I pull the keyboard out and I'm sure the tab would wear out eventually from doing that.

    I'm gonna play with it a little more before I decide to return it.
  19. seidioseidio

    seidioseidio Well-Known Member

    Can you please check the PM I sent you?
  20. Rob_A

    Rob_A Well-Known Member

    I just received a purple case today for my wife and for the life of me I cannot get the top piece to stay on either.

    When it does seem like it's going to stay on, it pops right off when I close the phone. :eek:

    It seems like the clips on the top piece have nothing to grab on to.
  21. Rob_A

    Rob_A Well-Known Member

  22. noobs

    noobs Well-Known Member

    My wife's wouldn't stay on at first. I got it to work by pressing directly above where each of the clips holds onto the screen and sort of pushing the clips under where they needed to go. I couldn't just slap it on there I had to work each corner with my finger to get the clips underneath the screen. Hard to explain but it ended up working for me.
  23. seidioseidio

    seidioseidio Well-Known Member

    I apologize about the delay in responding to you! Have you made sure the opening groove of the front piece is on top?

    Here's a quick installation video that might help you out:

    If you've tried these few things and are still having issues, please PM me your order information and I would be happy to help you!
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  24. tarpon6

    tarpon6 Member

    I received my replacement Innocase on Monday, and after 4 days of use seems much better. Right off the bat the fit was better- the slider functions smoothly, and the top stays on. Very happy with the case and holster.
  25. Rob_A

    Rob_A Well-Known Member

    Thanks for responding :D. I was just a little disappointed because it's been 2 weeks since I ordered my original case and my Evo is still naked.

    I do have a replacement on it's way. I filled out an RMA on Monday :)

    Also, I did make sure the orientation was correct and followed the installation guide. I'll see if the new one fits better.

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