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Seidio Review Update2! New Revision - Rubberized Interior

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  1. MrX8503

    MrX8503 Well-Known Member

    Bottom line, there needs to be something between the plastic on plastic. Right now its just dirt and dust which will scratch your phone to kingdom come.

    Put something in between there, it can be anything. If its a Zagg, then it'll work, ONLY if it covers the whole device though.

    The other alternative is to line the entire thing with felt yourself.

  2. cesjr02

    cesjr02 Well-Known Member

    for those receiving replacement cases, are they any different? Did Seidio change the case in anyway?
  3. htc.EVOlution

    htc.EVOlution Well-Known Member

    Ive contacted the seidio rep many times and he never updated me in regards to the problem... all the cases that they have been sending are still the same. No update and issues still exist
  4. cesjr02

    cesjr02 Well-Known Member

    Why get sent a replacement case if it's the same as the defective?
  5. pdiddyfan

    pdiddyfan Member

    I purchased the PT case from bbm and I loved how it felt, but after a few days I noticed the squeakiness. I took the pt case and holster back to best buy mobile and got a refund. I figured problems would come out of this case because of the hard fabric. I always thought the felt should outline the ENTIRE inside of the case. I have the body glove case on my evo for now because my EXCELLENT innocase limited edition case will be here tomorrow from amazon. I love that case, but I'm not looking forward to the smell. My friends case had a scent for a few hours, that's it. No biggie. Seidio seemed to slip up with the innocase surface, but the limited is awesome. SEIDIOSEIDIO (Seidio), u need to address our concerns and complaints about the innocase surface and correct the matters at hand. I suggest everyone here get the limited edition if u can deal with the silicon. Trust me!! Actually, they should give u the option of receiving a free limited in place of the defective innocase. The limited is cheaper too. Hope you're listening SEIDIO...
  6. VGPOP

    VGPOP Well-Known Member

    Thank God I never bought them.

    I was going to, but not now....
  7. Neon8

    Neon8 Well-Known Member

    I have 2 cases different colors and have no scratches. No creaking either. Take the case off and on multiple times. I also had their case for pre and no problems either. They also have excellent customer service.
  8. rockky

    rockky Member

    I had extremely responsivenes when trying to get them to deal with a faulty IPhone battery charger.
    my present Nexus mega battery and case won't stay on the phone... just started a communication line with them.
  9. Droidone

    Droidone Well-Known Member

    When I used to be on precentral, all I ever saw was complaints about the innocase for that phone. Some people praised their product due to other items for other phones purchased were good. The clips on the pre model would constantly break and Seidio was replacing them 3-4 times for some people. I personally never bought one because of the reviews and because of the $30.00 price tag but this is not the first product in question. I also saw a thread on here today about the batteries they are selling having issues also.
  10. freeza

    freeza Well-Known Member

    Not a big fan of seidio products to begin with, So I'm glad I purchased an off-brand silicone case instead.
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  11. epphllps

    epphllps Active Member

    I hate to say this, but I got a replacement on 6/18 that was absolutely perfect when I put it on and now after 2 days it is becoming LOOSE again!!! Now this was my 2nd replacement and 3rd case overall, this one was even overnight shipped to me without a request for that. I think Seidio cares and they are working on the design making tweaks. One of my major complaints was the loose seams where the case fits together (outside of the corners) and that problem is completely gone with this case. With this being my 2nd replacement I was told by SeidioSeidio that I would be refunded if I had any problems. After seeing the scratches on his phone and knowing that I will get them unless I mod my case (which is not my job to do after paying $30+) I am contacting them again for a refund. I will still purchase a Seidio but it will be their Active or Rugged case :) The Innocase Surface II has major flaws and needs to be fully lined with padding and continued to have the design tweaked until perfected. Like I said, this case was PERFECT upon initial install but has dramatically loosened up over just 2 days of normal use.
  12. lembowski

    lembowski Well-Known Member

    Started this thread over at androidcentral when I had issues with my Innocase

    Disappointed with Seidio Innocase? - Android Central Forums

    After getting a replacement that was worse than the original I have sworn off Seidio products for the EVO. Still love my Innocase II for my Tour but they obviously have no clue on the EVO.
  13. Vento9

    Vento9 Member

    I just purchased the Pt case from Best Buy and so far I like it, haven't had any movement with the phone. But I also haven't taken it off yet so after reading this thread I'm kind of scared to. I think the benefit of keeping the case on out-weighs the possibility of me dropping it.
  14. njbianco

    njbianco Well-Known Member

    I actually had a hardcase(not seidio) on my blackbbery 9630 and after i took it off a couple weeks later had similar marks a year or so ago.
  15. cesjr02

    cesjr02 Well-Known Member

    Upon closer inspection today I noticed my Seidio case has scratch my phone as well. Not in the same place as the OP's scratch locations though. I have a small but noticeable scuff mark below the headset jack. Corresponding wear is at the same location inside the case itself.

    You buy a case with a reasonable expectation that it will protect your phone from scratches, not cause them.

    Like others, it is my belief that a simple solution is to provide felt lining above the camera cutout and below the kickstand cutout. This will eliminate flex and wiggle thus eliminate the chance of the case scratching the phone.

    I've waited for Seidio to reply to my email and provide a solution, it has been 7 days of waiting so I decided to fix it myself.

    I took an old polishing cloth that came with my iPod Touch. It's actually quite similar in thickness and touch to the "felt type" material used by Seidio. Also the width of the material was perfect. I cut two thin strips approximately 3/8 inch in size and used double sided tape to stick them down, (glue would probably be a better solution.)

    The result is what this case should have been, snug, perfect fit. What's more, zero flexing, zero creaking.

    If I have extra time I'll provide pics.
  16. gmanvbva

    gmanvbva Active Member

    Seidio is overrated and overpriced crap. There have been numerous issues with thier products (batteries, chargers and cases) over the past 12+ months. CS seems to be hit/miss and a bit suspect imo.
  17. shadrap

    shadrap Well-Known Member

    Evolution, put me in the also scratched category. I also reviewed the case and have 6,000 views on YouTube, saying it was a good product, now I feel like a dumb ass. Guess I will have to make a video showing the scratches.
  18. ashykat

    ashykat Well-Known Member

    Just another reason to use Otterbox. I had a defender case on my iPhone for a year. When I pulled it out it looked just like it did the day I bought it. If I'm going to spend that much on a case I want it to work. Now if Otterbox would just hurry up.
  19. cooper1010

    cooper1010 Well-Known Member

    i pulled mine off after reading this thread. had it on since day 3 (came in the mail after launch). no scratches. it creaks, and there was a surprising amount of dust and "grit" in there, but no scratches yet.

    i expect to have a case on there for the duration, so the fact that there may be a few marks on the phone that will otherwise remain unseen doesn't really bother me, even though i'd prefer to have it pristine.
  20. MrX8503

    MrX8503 Well-Known Member

    I don't understand why people are hating on a particular brand Seidio. It doesn't matter what brand you buy, if its a hard case that doesn't have the entire interior lined with something soft, it will scratch your device.

    Hard cases scratches your phone
    Water is wet
    Fire is hot

    If you want a pristine phone, use a protective shield like a Zagg, Ghost Armor, Stealth guards, etc. Then put a case over that. I've been using this combo for a while and my phones stay flawless.
  21. midnite9150

    midnite9150 New Member

    no issues for me over the last week and i always have it in my pocket
  22. Jebus Christ

    Jebus Christ Well-Known Member

    Has anyone had any problems with their active case? I know its made of silicon so minus dust getting there, there really shouldn't be a problem with scratches.
  23. MrX8503

    MrX8503 Well-Known Member

    I don't know what their silicone cases are like, but in theory silicone cases are less prone to dust scratches compared to hard cases.

    The dust between the silicone and your phone can still scratch your device, but its a lot better than a hard case. I would take it off every now and then and clean it off.
  24. radiusmax

    radiusmax New Member

    I requested a replacement case for my PT case purchased at Best Buy on day 1. Since my case was also squeaking and loose at the bottom and top corners, I really needed a new case.

    They sent me a new Seidio branded Inno II case. I noticed that the inside of the new case is made of a silicone material where as the old PT case was made of the hard plastic material covered with the felt. The silicone in the new Seidio case is much better than the old PT case. The new case also fits much better and there are no squeeks or loose ends on the case.

    We'll have to see how this new case holds up.
  25. I[E

    I[E Active Member

    Any chance you could post pics of the new case?

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