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  1. youstink

    youstink New Member

    I was able to long press on the screen to get the text selection popup thing to show for other email account but for some reason that technique doesnt work for gmail.

    Has anyone else had a similar issue? I am trying to copy addresses and names from email and paste into a text message.


  2. qu1nn

    qu1nn Member

    Yeah, I would like to be able to copy/paste parts of an email message instead of forwarding the entire message..... is there a widget or different application that should be used?
  3. polkadots

    polkadots Well-Known Member

    Can't do it in the gmail app. Yes, it's f*cking stupid that you can't...but you can't.

    You'll have to setup the stock android (HTC?) mail app for that function.
  4. eSanto

    eSanto Active Member

    anybody know if this changes with froyo?
  5. RainbowVomit

    RainbowVomit Member

    in froyo you hit menu>more>select text. then you can select the text and it will automatically be copied to your clipboard
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  6. eSanto

    eSanto Active Member

    That's really good to hear, thanks.
  7. dr g

    dr g Well-Known Member

    Still should be regular text select, like other normal apps. argh!
  8. eSanto

    eSanto Active Member

    Totally true. Email is where i want to use copy/paste most of the time. Blew my mind the first time I tried and failed on my evo.
    Basically i just set up the HTC mail app to grab 1 day of email, and use that whenever I need to copy something.

    Incredibly annoying though.
  9. burgertime

    burgertime Well-Known Member

    Ummm...I can copy text in gmail. I also have my gmail account in my mail widget though and not through whatever it is stock.
  10. polkadots

    polkadots Well-Known Member

    Not if you're using the stock gmail app you can't.
  11. RoboMonkey

    RoboMonkey Well-Known Member

    You have to use the arrow keys to select the text you want "after you have it in select text mode".
  12. FestoKGB

    FestoKGB Well-Known Member

    Connecting to Gmail via the browser will give you copy and paste functionality. I bookmarked the gmail site and then created a bookmark shortcut on my home screen. Works just as well as the Gmail widget so far.

    *EDIT* The stock Gmail widget is much easier for quickly checking email, but I think I will keep the bookmarked shortcut for times when I need to copy text.

    I wish that the integration with Maps was present in the mobile versions of Gmail. I would love to be able to highlight and address in an email and open it up in Maps..or get navigation directions.
  13. meyerweb

    meyerweb Well-Known Member

    How do you put it in "text select mode"?
  14. ed33433

    ed33433 Well-Known Member

    just put gmail as a bookmark on internet browser. You can copy and paste. What a pain!

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