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  1. lli

    lli Active Member

    Next week, I'll be in China and plan to buy the ZTE U960 there. So no etotalk rom or anything else. Should I be able to just put in my Dutch Sims and presto? Or do I need to bring a sd-card with sime aps on it to be able to use it?

    Any other tips & tricks I should bring with me to China?

  2. lli

    lli Active Member

    For those of you who want to do the same thing:

    It is very hard to find this phone in Beijing, but also in smaller Hangzhou. In shops, the first reaction sometimes is: yes, we have the 960. But then it turns out to be the 960S. This is also a china Mobile phone, but not dual sim. As it is China mobile, it is not even 3g.

    Then there is the N960. This is a China Telecom phone (3g, but also not dual sim).

    In the end my hotel was able to help out. At, the hotel lady ordered the phone for me and the next day it was delivered: 1800 RMB.

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