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Self Induced...I think Wi-Fi Issue (Browse All)

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  1. carnageaf

    carnageaf Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 20, 2009
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    I searched this forum and Sprint's before posting and I still need some help. I try to connect to my home wifi with the Hero and it searches but then locks up, I remove battery, it searches again, locks up...Finally it will connect to my home wifi and all seems good but then it loses connection and locks up, remove battery, tries to re-connect, locks up... I finally get it to reconnect and then I turn the wifi off. I read one post that said the antenna is in the bottom part of phone. I have a silcon glove could this be the problem? Also, are there any special settings for wifi that I need to be aware of? If someone can give me some guidance I would appreciate it, if not I still love this phone.

  2. apollomaker

    apollomaker Well-Known Member

    Oct 28, 2009
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    If all is set up correctly in your Hero and your Wifi Router, it should be working fine. Here is all I can recommend: (if you have not done them already)

    1. Read the short section in the manual on Wifi connection and settings.

    2. Make SURE your router has its wireless settings set up correctly for the mode you are trying to work in. And make sure you are not trying to run in Wifi-N mode. The Hero will not support it. B/G mode only.

    As it is, the Hero does a very good job of figuring out WiFi network configuration and connecting to it.

    Good Luck --- ;)

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