Sell my Iphone 4 16gb for $250 and get a Galaxy Nexus? Or help

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  1. nkkstokes

    nkkstokes Member

    i currently have att go phone on my iphone no data, if i get a nexus ill have tmobile with data. im selling my iphone 4 for $260 so ill have to add $130 to get my nexus should i or wait till new nexus comes out

  2. nkkstokes

    nkkstokes Member

    bump help me
  3. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    The next Nexus won't be out for quite some time. October or November at the earliest. At this point, the Nexus is halfway through it's "lifespan" and is a tab dated but no slouch. If you need a new phone now, it's a great option, but if you can hold out another several months, it's worth it to check out the new phones then.
  4. nkkstokes

    nkkstokes Member

    i guess ima just grab the nexus now then i do want data and 3 months is long lol

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