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Selling this, anybody interested?

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  1. PatyCake

    PatyCake Well-Known Member

    Practically brand new Verizon Galaxy tab 7.7. Not on a contract but it does have Verizon 4G LTE if you would like. Obviously it has wifi. Comes with a silicone rubber case and three screen protectors. Soon upgradeable to android 4.0. Currently running honeycomb 3.2. I need to sell this to save up for a car. $475.

  2. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator


    I've moved your thread here to the Classifieds section for you.

    You'll need to review this thread:


    which references this thread: http://androidforums.com/classifieds/474944-sale-500-00-example-post-galaxy-nexus.html showing an example of what you'll need to keep your thread listed in here.

    You can also view other threads for examples of how they should be formatted.

    Cheers and best of luck!
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  3. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!! Moderator

    Basically what the scary guy is saying is you will need to start a new post from your laptop or desktop but not your phone. It will prompt you to fill out a templet. At the very top of the templet are a list of additional thinks that you will need to post your ad. If you have any questions just send me a pm and I will help you. ;)

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  4. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

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