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Semi Brick (hopefully) on Desire Z after attempted S-Off

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  1. expateddie

    expateddie New Member

    Hi, hopefully someone can help!

    i tried to root my Desire Z using the VISONary+ method in theunlockr.com. i downgraded fine (sort of, took a bit of wrestling), got temp root with VISONary+ fine.

    The got to the

    "insmod /sdcard/wpthis-OTA.ko" stage (theunlockr says wpthis.ko, but my phone would not recognise this file), but at first this did not work. frustrated i tried the gfree route on xda, still had problems so went back to the VISONary+. this time the "insmod /sdcard/wpthis-OTA.ko" worked, as did the "dd if=/sdcard/hboot-eng.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18"

    Unfortunately when the phone rebooted i got into the hboot, but that is it. i can get no further.

    i can get into the Hboot screen via the normal power+vol down, but loading and restore just brings up the white HTC screen and factory reset starts, but brings up the red triangle.

    is there a fairly simple way out by changing a file on the sdcard, and/or another method, or have a complete fook up? Speaking to a local phone repair shop they think they may be able to fix this for circa

  2. expateddie

    expateddie New Member

    just tried to access phone with fastboot via the usb lead. This works fine, i can access the phone so there should be a way to fix the phone, just need a little guidance from someone who knows what to flash to the phone!
  3. expateddie

    expateddie New Member

    Found this guide in case any one else has this problem. Will read at least twice and try later!

    [Guide] How to recover your semi-brick - xda-developers

    Would be good to get this link and/or a better one stuck to the top of this section!

    Update: This worked perfectly, i have my phone back, running a custom ROM and overclocked at 1,300mhz. Only issue, the CWM link doesn't work, but a working link can be found in most root walk throughs

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