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Semi bricked my Galaxy S. Need advice.(clockworkmod)Support

  1. hewittinspain

    hewittinspain New Member

    I downloaded ROM Manager and installed some custom rom onto my Galaxy S (think it was called dark Rom). It had loads of comments and good ratings so I tried it. It asked me to back up my phone first which I did then downloaded and installed the new Rom. At one point is just stuck for ages so I pressed a button and Clockwork Mod recovery menu came up so because I got panicky I chose the option to wipe data and restore the phone. After 10 mins the phone rebooked and I got the Galaxy logo and then just a black screen!! I can get back into clockwork mod menu and have chosen wipe data and factory again (which is meant to bring it back to factory) but after its restored it and reset itself I just get the Galaxy logo and then nothing.!!

    Is there anything I can do like put a Rom on my SD Card and choose an installation via the recovery menu? Ive now no idea what to do,what Rom to put on or know if it is beyond repair!!

    Advice please!!:confused:

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Moving to Galaxy S Forum
  3. kavimani

    kavimani Well-Known Member

    Hey see if you can get the download mode on your phone.. Once in download mode flash stock galaxy rom or you can choose Simple Honey ROM or EXTRAordinary ROM.. have personally tried both of them and they are fast, stable with good battery life...

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