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  1. rdalev

    rdalev Well-Known Member

    A Buddy of mine, just got his Charge and ask me a good question.

    "Can you send pics on your phone to a wireless printer."

    I'm thinking you can "IF" you have a DLNA certified printer........why not ?

    Isn't that what the "Allshare" is about ?:eek:

  2. Speedy328

    Speedy328 Active Member

    If you have a wireless capable HP printer look at and download (from the Market) HP iPrint Photo. Works fine for me using an HP Photosmart Premium.
  3. antnyh

    antnyh Well-Known Member

    If you don't have a wireless HP check into cloud print. It is in beta but works good. Only downside is the computer the printer is connected to has to be on in order to print. Common sense I know, but an aggrevation. Other than that it works great!!

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